Sunday, January 01, 2017

A Year of No Yelling

Happy New Year! I'm grateful for 2017 and the fresh start it brings! This year  I want my resolution to be huge and life-changing. I thought about if for several weeks before deciding on my goal:

Go an entire year without yelling

In October that goal would have seemed completely unattainable, In November I learned so much about goal setting, self control and how much better I feel off of sugar and I feel that now I have the tools to undertake such a monolithic task. 

I have 3 children, ages 7, 3 and 16 months. It seems they only listen to me when I yell. I don't yell all day, but I definitely yell everyday. Am I going to reach Jan 1 2018  and think how great I was to not yell for a whole year? Goodness no. I know I will mess up. I know I will lose my temper. I know I will forget my goal for a few seconds and resort to instinct. I also know that I will keep trying. 

The rules: 

I can be stern, strict, and firm. 

I can't yell or speak with anger at all, to anyone. 

Exception: Life-threatening situations such as the house being on fire. 

How I am going to accomplish this goal: 

I'm going to use this blog to chronicle my journey. a record of how and why I succeed and how and why I fail, will help me improve. 
I'll research ideas about parenting and studies on the consequences of yelling. Continuing to learn will keep me motivated.
By making my goal public I'm holding myself accountable. Please feel free to ask my how I'm progressing. 

I'm going off sugar again. To be honest, the least two weeks in December I ate giant mountains of sugar. It was delicious. It was also a great eye-opener: headaches, tiredness, crankiness, all could have been avoided by avoiding sugar. I can do better! I can feel better! I can BE better! Starting today, I'm not eating sugar until Valentines Day. I know that this will increase my patience, clear up my mind and help me focus on what is really important. 

I'm going to asking for help from my Higher Power. Putting it in a brutal way; yelling is an addiction of mine. It's how I deal stress, frustration, anger, and depression. The vital step in breaking any addition is getting help from your higher power. I intend to spend time every morning and every night on my knees, begging for help.  I know my Heavenly Father will help me in this task, because these are His children I am raising. I also feel that the idea for my no-yelling adventure came from Him. He wants me to do this, and if he asks me to do something, he will make it possible to accomplish it. 

So, here we go. I just need to start, right? This overwhelming journey can be taken one step at a time.

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  1. I'm shocked that you yell. Seriously. I didn't think you were capable of it. This makes me feel so much better. Truly.

    I yell at Toby eeehhh relatively often. But the other he gets the longer I can go without yelling at him. Like I think the last time I yelled at him was at least a week ago. Maybe longer. That said, it's a LOT harder to be patient with him when his meds haven't kicked in. Nate deals with him in the morning and yells at him almost every day then, and i can't say I blame him. Anyway. GOOD GOAL I APPROVE. But also don't kill yourself.


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