Monday, December 05, 2016

I was doing great with my new no-sugar plan until Thursday, the 8th. After t he kids were in bed I went to a Girl Scout Meeting to be trained on cookie season 2017. Of course, they had Girl Scout Cookies there. One of every kind! I debated if I should eat them or not, if the benefits of no sugar could stand up to Girl Scout cookies, and made a compromise. I took one of each kind of cookie and left them in my napkin. After the meeting I took the cookies home, put them in a ziplock bag and stuck them in the freezer. Frozen Girl Scout cookies are AMAZING! I decided to save them for another day. No point in eating sugar in less-than optimal circumstances. 

The next day was my wonderful husband's birthday. Drek likes pies, not cakes, so I made his favorite pie, sugar, red dye and all. We enjoyed it that night with a glass of egg-nog. 

Saturday I was back to no-sugar and pleased that the effects of the sugar from the day before were mild. Saturday night we got a babysitter for our kids and Drek and I went out to eat. I'm sure the delicious food was  soaked in sugar to make it taste so good, but since I rarely eat out it was justifiable, although I am starting to look forward to January, when I know I will be less wishy-washy about my stance on sugar. 

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  1. After eating the amazing candy I got in an amazing birthday present, I have sworn off of candy. Yesterday I had a giant "Please take this candy away from me" party where I packed all my sweets and snacks into a bag and brought them to my coworkers. They were happy and I was happy and we'll see how this week goes.

    No one, NO ONE, NO ONE AT ALL blames you for being tempted by girl scout cookies. Everyone knows those are magical. now a weird time to bring up that I only like, like, 3 flavors? I wouldn't mind an opportunity to try all the flavors, though. It would be really cool if they sold a sample pack that had 1-2 of every flavor.


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