Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Yesterday in the mail. . .

I am now, officially, certified.

I am can now put C.I.M.I. After my name.

Certified Infant Massage Instructor.


My certificate and I.D. came in the mail yesterday. I only missed 1.5 questions on the test (there were 100 multiple choice questions, 100 short essay questions and a written part of the test).
So there you go. I'm am so ready to start a real career!

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Billy the Kid, Butch Cassidy and. . .

This weekend I went up out of town to have a miniture family gethering and so many stories happened I'm at a loss as to wich one to blog. Hmmmmm. . .

Poopah and my new Grandma Poomah (whom I adore) wanted to go on a 45 minute tour in very cold weather. My sister and brother-in-law decised this would not be fun. Therefore, we wandered around downtown and found a perfect bandit hide-out, Perfect name and everything. We decided to set up our headquarters there. We committed and solved many murders before called back to the rest of the family.

"Poisen Creek Mercantile" is a building with furniture stores inside. Because it was memorial day, the building was open, but the stores were closed. So we sat down in the middle of the heated, lighted hallway and played CLUE. It was great.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

I miss everyone

For the first time ever, I wish summer was over

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Bath time!

Yesterday I arrived home and was greeted with the words: "Your cat ran away last night"

I was highly confused, as Acouchi is terrified of the outdoors and has never once set foot outside our apartment. Apparently, she decided to overcome her fear. She made her escape at night and at approximately 4:00 pm Kris heard her meowing outside the front door. She opened it and Acouchi came slinking in.

I know you're wondering how I could not realize my baby was gone for over twelve hours, but it's actually pretty common for me to misplace things, I can just imagine what will happen when I have human children:

Neighborhood kid: Can Jimmy come play with us?
Me: Jimmy. . . Jimmy. . .Where is he anyway? I haven't seen him in like a month. Where did I last see him. . .Hey husband, did I ever pick Jimmy up from soccer camp?

It's quite frightening.
Anyway, I go into the living room to question Acouchi herself. She is FILTHY. VERY VERY FILTHY.
This must be remedies immediately.
I go into the bathroom, Fill up the tub to cat-friendly heights, grab a pitcher from the kitchen and then carry Acouchi into the bathroom.
She, of course, flails around, leaving some oh-so-deep cuts on my arm before I plop her into the water and dump a pitcher full of water onto her head. She stands there, stunned, then raises her head, looks at me and very loudly says: MEOW! In a very perturbed sort of way.
It is wrong that I was thoroughly amused?
I soap her up with Lavender soap, scrub her until she won't stand for it anymore, rinse her off, dry her off, and then groom her until she is once again the gorgeous mini-cougar she once was. Only now, she smells surprisingly good.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Today was. . . exciting. 5 years ago I banned myself from reading beauty magazines. Today I spent three hours pouring through aforementioned magazines. My extreame thinking kicked in and I ended up in front the mirror, cutting five inches off the front of my hair. I then dyed it a color I was not intending to. GAH! I now resemble a moose.

On the bright side, I had my traditional annual child scoop of Jamoca almond fugde ice cream today. I also ate British Chocolate. Yummy. Bad self bad! no eating until you lose twenty pounds, or your hair can at least pass as pleasent. Gah

Also, I am extreamly angry at someone. Furiously angry. This is new to me. I'm not sure how to handle it. GAH!!!!!!

Friday, May 19, 2006


Today, I had three missions:

1) Buy tickets to the midnight showing of X III: The Last Stand
2) Buy two tickets to Da Vinci Code for me and Da Krisling
3) Drop some Japanese lotion of to Krisling at the Krisling's office

So this morning Rissy picks me up and we drive over to get the tickets, BUT FIRST! to 7 eleven to get the collectible X men slurpie cups. I explain to the man that I want the cup, but I actually do not like slurpies, so may I please fill the cup with hot chocolate? The answer was in the affirmative so the cups were bought and we were off! Again!
A slight complication: because of the slurpie detour it is now more efficient to go the the movie theater first, and go to Krisling's office second.
On the way to the theater Krisling calls and cancels mission #2.
We get there, the line is out the door. Thankfully, they are all in line for Da Vinci Code, which is very close to being sold out for the whole day by the time we reach the front of the line. Also, there is now a sign indicating X III tickets are on sale.
"eight tickets to the midnight showing of X III!"
"um, we actually can't do that."
"What? Why?"
"They're not on sale yet"
"What? But we called yesterday, they said today, the sign! THE SIGN!!!"
"It's not in the computer yet, I'm sorry, I can't sell you the tickets."
"You do not understand. I NEED these tickets. I have come here everyday for the last week trying to get these tickets. I was told they would be on sale TODAY! The sign says 'on sale now' and I want them NOW!"
"I can give you the direct phone number here so you can call in and ask tomorrow."
I consented, and sadly left.
Mission 1: FAILED
We drove to Krisling's work. en route, she calls and says she DOES want the tickets for tonight. I inform her I could have gotten them, but as we were speaking someone was probably buying the last tickets, so we could not get them.
Mission 2: FAILED
"Also," she adds, "I left my office and am driving home."
We continue to converse and drive home. While in traffic, I spot a familiar car up ahead.
"Kris, are you on mumble mumble road?"
"I see you, I am in the other lane, seven cars behind you."
"Oh, that's exciting."
and that's when my honor took control. I had three missions that morning, I had failed two, I would not fail again. "Rissy, CATCH UP TO THAT KRISLING!!!!!!!!!"
And the chase was on. I held the lotion out the window to hand off, Rissy caught up to the car, Krisling freaks out and signs no, she will not grab the lotion. FINE! I will throw it into her window!! The angle is not right!! "DRIVE faster!!!" No! Cars switching lanes! Falling behind! Ah! A red light! The Krisling is stopped three cars ahead, I jump out, run between traffic and hand off the lotion.
Mission 3: ACCOMPLISHED!!!!
I run back to the car and jump in just as the light turns green.
Oh the adventure.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006



Curse those X-men 3 tickets for not being in my hand yet!!
LOST day today!!!
Hopefully I'll have my own car on Saturday
Hopefully I can use this car to visit Colorado in June
I'm going up in hot air balloon this summer!!
I get a new princess dress for the wedding of Krisling and Nateizzle (Krateizzling?)!!!
Life in general is going very well.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Finally, some closure

All the way back in October an older couple (the nicest older couple I have seen) called into the bakery and asked if we could do a brown sugar frosting. I asked them to explain what they meant and, in great detail, they told me exactly what they wanted. I explained this all to the baker and he said he could do this. The next day I called the couple back and told them we could do a cake with a brown sugar frosting. They ordered a cake, for a Halloween party, that had apparently been a tradition when they man was a child. The cake had to look exactly like he was describing it, because the cake was for nostalgic purposes. I filled out the description of what they wanted, making it extremely detailed.
A few days later the couple came down to the bakery to buy some goodies and to make sure I had the description of the cake right. This time I added a drawing to the description just so there would be no mistake.
A week later they came back to pick up the order. I went into the back to get it was mortified to find that the cake decorator (who quite frequently messes up orders) had put buttercream frosting on the cake, not brown sugar (when I later confronted her she explained she didn't know where the brown sugar frosting was). I took the cake out to the couple and asked them if we could try again for tomorrow. They said yes. So I filled out another form, even more detailed, with a diagram, and a note to the baker to make the frosting, and tell the cake decorator EXACTLY where it was.
The next day the couple came in again. The cake was not what they had ordered, the cake decorator had again used the wrong frosting. I refunded the couple's money and asked if we could try again tomorrow. The couple gave each other sad glances, mumbling something to each other. The man finally said: "Well, we would let you try again but I am going in for surgery tomorrow and I probably won't be coming out of it. The cake was supposed to be my last party cake. I'm sorry that it didn't work out. If everything goes well tomorrow we'll come in again."
I was devastated.
I know it shouldn't have hit me so hard, but these people were SO NICE! Even after I screwed up his last wish they were so nice. This story has kept me up at night, tossing and turning, to this very day. Everyday I work, I look to see if they'll come in.
Yesterday a man came into the bakery. He was just there to get some treats. I almost dropped dead. It was the same guy. He recognized me and asked, jokingly, if he ordered a cake would it be done right. I told him I would personally make it. He smiled and left.
I went into the back and almost had a heart attack. Apparently the guy is alive and doing well. Never have I been more excited to see someone walk into my work. It was amazing.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Boys clean up nice

Saturday evening I had the privilege of going to Kirsa and Mike's wedding reception. This turned out to be a blast and here is why:
I hitched a ride in a car with three very sharp dressed men. I am serious. They were all so good looking! It was amazing!
We played that band game (Where the last letter of the band you name must be the first letter of the band the next person names) and it was so much fun! Congratulations to the Prattman for stumping us all! Bravo!
The ride up was quite enjoyable and once we got there we joined other quarkies for much fun. Weddings are so strange. People just act differently. Russell told me all of his romantic plans for the future and Pratt even talked to me about his plans.
I talked a lot with James who I didn't get to know very well before he left in December. He is such an interesting guy.
Kim and Jill looked so beautiful in their dresses and of course Kirsa looked amazing. She also looked very, very happy. She couldn't stop smiling. Kim said she had been like that all day.
Afterward I got to spend the better part of an hour talking with Pratt. Oh Pratt, I shall miss your face.
So all in all, much fun

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Marrage and timing

Let it be known that I love my family with my whole heart. That said, I think we do weddings all wrong. I was startled to find this e-mail in my inbox:

On Saturday 6 May 2006 at 2:00 PM Lorita and I will get married in News Braunfels, Texas.

I am accepting e-mails and phone calls for comments.


What?????? Now, this would not be such a big deal, if my uncle had not done the EXACT SAME THING three years ago. GAH!!!! Yeah, so, a little warning would be nice.

The other thing I find interesting is in my family, you either get married to the right person the first time, or the third time. Second time people are BAD NEWS!!!!

That is all.

P.S. Poopah is my Grandpa. Just BTW