Wednesday, February 27, 2008

And There I Was, Mopping the Ceiling

The rain turned into snow. It did not take away the smoke smell. Well, it took away the smoke smell in the bedroom, and after a another cleaning, the smell in the kitchen was gone. Unfortunately, the smoke smell was still alive and well in the living room. I practically bathed the carpet in Fabreeze. It was time for another plan. I looked online, and discovered that vinegar and baking soda work well. Therefore, I produced a mixture of baking powder and white vinegar and wiped down all the surfaces. I then fabreezed yet again and placed boxes of baking powder around the room. I set an air purifier in the corner and got that working. In the opposite corner, I placed an air freshener that is supposed to absorb odors. Two hours later I could still smell smoke. This led Drek and I to sniff around our living trying to find out exactly where the smoke smell was coming from. The beanbag smelled like fabreeze. The carpet smelled like fabreeze. The counter tops and bookshelves smelled like vinegar. The curtains smelled...well, bad. Not like smoke, but bad. I want new curtains. So why did the room smell like smoke?
In the afternoon Drek and I went over to my parent's house to play games. we discussed the issue with them, and my dad suggested that the smell was coming from the ceiling. Brilliant!! That's where the smoke would have gone, right? That's where we haven't cleaned and we haven't smelled! It had to be! So I came home, made up another mixture of baking soda and vinegar, doused a rag with it, stuck it to the end of a stick and there you go!
I hope it works. If it doesn't, we might have to look into the possibility that Acouchi is stealing cigarettes from our neighbor and smoking them in the living room while we are gone.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Is Something Burning?

Last night Drek and I went up to his parents house to attend a surprise party for his cousin, Aaron. I was going to take the camera to take pictures, but I forgot. I forgot a lot of things, apparently.
When we came back to the house, three hours later, we opened the front door to discover our entire house filled with smoke. I had left the stove on.
Because it was freaking cold last night, we could not air out the house. When we went to Church this morning I noted with disdain that we smelled like smoke. The people that sat behind us noticed it too. Thus, we did not stay for the other two meetings.
Instead, I came home and took the opportunity to do some spring cleaning. We haven't been able to air out the house from painting or re-carpeting, and the sunshine today provides a good opportunity. Every window in the house is open, and the front door is open too. Fabreeze has been sprayed and re0sprayed over every surface.
My depression has peaked. It hasn't been this bad since before I was married. I'm really not sure what's wrong-except I know I have seasonal depression. Last night was very bad. This morning was not much better.
There is still snow on the ground, but it's melting. While cleaning I went outside to take out the trash and clean up outside the house. I went out without a coat. I went out without shoes. That made me feel a lot better. It also reminded me that I hate shoes.
It's raining now. It's not the winter rain that has been on and off over the last month, the kind that wants to be snow, but just didn't make it. This rain is different. This rain wants to be rain. This rain smells like spring rain. It reminds me of the condo. I hope this is a sign that spring is coming. I hope the rain cleans out the smoke smell.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Weather Crisis

I haven't seen the sun in months. The snow keeps coming down. The wind is still bitter cold. The only change is this dreadful Inversion that has settles down upon the valley, adding a deadly fog to the depressing climate.
I suppose this can't last forever, but I'm not sure how much more of this I can take.

Yesterday I booked a flight out of this cursed state. Drek and I are flying down to Texas to visit family and a very large water park. With any luck, the thought of being warm, in the sun, and in water will keep me going until this doleful weather moves on.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Before and After

On Tuesday I worked all day. As soon as I got off work Drek and I came home, moved all furniture from the living room to the kitchen, hallway and bedroom, unscrewed outlet covers, taped up what we didn't want painted, cleaned the walls, painted the walls and ceilings, ripped up the carpet, swept away the dust that 20 years ago must have padding, spent three hours pulling up cursed staples from the floor and then fell asleep exhausted. Wednesday morning the carpet guy showed up, stayed much too long, finished installing the carpet and left. Drek and I painted again, perfecting and re-touching, screwed the outlet covers back in, and moved most of the furniture back into the living room. It was was about this time that a can of paint was dumped over...ONTO OUR BRAND NEW CARPET. I could have died. I was already so exhausted from all the work, and not having eaten anything since Sunday night did not help. Luckily, most of it came up after an hour of scrubbing. You can't even tell anymore.

Acouchi is ready to start

Our poor kitchen.

Drek painted this wall
I painted this wall

The old carpet did not do to well while we were painting.
painting mostely finished. time to rip up the carpet


Ready for the new carpet

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Winter is Over, Why is There Still Snow?

Once again, I have become fat. I am getting to the point where people see you for the first time since you've been married, and they feel sorry for the husband. It is not unusual to put on weight after you are married, but I cannot stand this. This is a big problem, because there is still snow outside. You see, when wanting to lose weight, you have three options:
1) Exercise like crazy and no diet. This brings happiness because you can eat whatever you want, and more happiness because working out releases endorphins.
Alas, this is not an option because I cannot exercise. I can't afford a gym membership and it is too cold to do anything outside.
2) Exercise and diet. This brings happiness because when you make it through a day successfully dieting, you are very happy with yourself. And exercising releases endorphins
Alas, I cannot do this either, because I cannot exercise.
3) Just diet. This is not so fun, because you are only happy when you have the energy to be, and when you are not thinking about food.
And this is the only one I can do, thus, the one I started Monday. However, i found a diet that gives me quite a lot of energy, I does not make me obsessed with food. I am very impressed with this diet. I do not know if it works,because my scale broke, but I can pretend it is working. I am doing very well, and will continue to do this well until Friday or Saturday, when I plan to change diets and hope that it is warmer outside.
And this is the only one I can do, thus, the one I started monday. I am doing very well, and will continue to do this well until Friday or Saturday, when I plan to change diets and hope that it is warmer outside.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Acouchy Species?

Last night Drek and I went to library. This was a historic occasion. When we were dating, I discovered that Drek did not have a library card. He did read a lot, but he borrowed or bought books to read. He did not utilize Benjamin Franklin's brilliant idea. There have been a few times when we have gone to the Library and he has borrowed my card. The other day, he went to the Library without me and he got his own Library card. Thus, last night we went to the Library armed with our own individual cards. We checked out books, came home, cozied up on our oh-so-comfy bed, and read for about four hours. Breaking the silence he suddenly announced: "Hey! Acouchies!" I looked up from my book in confusion to find my cat, but then realized he was pointing to his book. The book was referencing small South American mammals named Acouchies. This morning I looked it up on Wiki. Yep, there is such a thing. 

Green Acouchi, Myoprocta pratti is a South American acouchy species from the Dasyproctidae family. It is found in Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru.

Monday, February 11, 2008

The Writer's Strike is Over!!

This morning I was awoke to the news that my long-anticipated bed was being delivered in an hour. Huzzah!! The bed came, we set it up, and on my lunch break Drek's wonderful siblings came over to break in the bed (Tempur-Pedic material has a cover over each cell that needs to be broken off before the bed is soft). We put the mattress on the living room floor so they could jump on it, wrestle, and do whatever they wanted. They came up with a pretty good game.
My bed is amazing!!

Over the last week there has been a four inch needle being stabbed into my left temple (I am hoping my new bed will cure this). On Sunday, the headache finally caught up with me and I decided to stay home from church. I spent a good part of the morning online at ABC, NBC, and CBS .com watching shows (My Name Is Earl, Notes From The Underbelly, and Eli Stone). This was a new experience for me. By the time I was twelve I had was too busy to watch T.V., and never sat down in front of one without an specific show in mind, and that show was starting in less than four minutes. So on Sunday I got online and was trying to find something good. I came to the conclusion that I reached over two years ago: There is nothing good on T.V., and if there is, someone in Quark will have watched it, bought the DVDs, and lent them to me. If that show, by some miracle, had not been canceled by that point (Arrested Development, Miracles, Firefly), I would watch episodes online (Heroes) or even make it a ritual to watch it every week, even with the commercials (LOST).
Alas, there is no new good shows (Although it was to have a GodSpell flash back when Victor Garber started singing and dancing). Having discovered this, I fell asleep. Later, I was awakened by a friend who also skipped church, felt bad, and decided to drag me to her brothers ward. we never found it, but we did sit through a random Sacrament meeting.
At work, there was nothing to do, so once again I was online, looking for a good show.
And then...Success! I became mildly interested in a show. (Pushing Daisies) The plot was interesting, the material was new and exciting, the banter witty and comical. And the colors!! So very vivid! I haven't finished a whole episode yet, but at least I found a show that is promising!

Thursday, February 07, 2008

I have been so productive. In the last few days I have done the following:
I talked to the landlords about carpet choices and painting. I set up the appointment with the carpet guy to have the carpet done. I finally got the "Preach My Gospel" book we're supposed to have because we are taking a "Preach My Gospel" Sunday School class. I set up visiting teaching for Sunday. I went shopping for my little Preemie nephew (Kris, I need a mailing address). I went Valentine's day shopping. I went to an enrichment night for the ward and was social. I did laundry. I cleaned my house. I cleaned my mother's house (a little). I helped set up for my sister's birthday party (which was a blast and I have never had a better cheesecake). I worked out credit-card confusion with my new bed. I watched Fight Club for the first time. I set up the Baby shower for this girl...oh dear. I am not going into that story right now. Let's just say how I got put in charge of this shower I will never know, as I don't even know this girl. This will be a very long ordeal.

Now, I want to be warm and eat chocolate. I am so sick of the cold. I am so sick of the snow. I just want to be warm! Why am I still in this stupid state?

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Super Tuesday

Today was Super-fly for three reasons

1) I ordered my Tempur-Pedic bed
2) My Shutterfly Calender came in the mail! Huzzah! Now I can schedule things again!!
3) Quark Werewolf started!!

Today was not-so-Super-fly for 3 reasons

1) I didn't actually earn my bed, Drek just let me cheat. The last spiff I earned was supposed to be $100, but the check I got today was only for $50. This cannot be corrected.
2) The carpet guy that was supposed to come over today and measure our room, and give us a quote, never showed up.
3) Lunch with Drek's family turned out to be not so fun. This resulted in an argument between Drek and I, and it's not even Sunday.

After work Drek and I drove over to the polls so we (well, he. I didn't have ID, or any intention of voting, actually) could vote. The line went down a very long hallway, then curved back on itself and went continued on. The wait turned out to be around 2 hours long, so I left Drek there and went to a relief society activity. Soon, I started to get these text messages:

Lonely...I'm so lonely...

Day 3 it seems like I've been stranded here for months. The fluorescent lights are beating down...No water food. No sign of rescue, but I am building a fire.

Can feel myself going crazy. Am contemplating voting Huckabee. Another survivor slaps sense into me...signal fire unsuccessful. Eat leg.

Reached end of hallway! Line curves and goes back up other wall. Am standing next to fire alarm. Temptation is strong. Relize evacuation would reset line. Bad.

Discovery: Shouting "vote Huckabee!" at a Mormon polling station equivelent to "fire!" in crowded theater. Also bad

End of texts.

As it turns out, he did yell "Vote Huckabee!" in the hallway. Someone yelled back "Vote Romny!"

Friday, February 01, 2008

It's Great! Enjoy Japan, Hero of this Movie!

This morning I dragged myself out of bed extra early for a work meeting. I was in charge so I dropped by the bakery to pickup some fresh-out-of-the-oven orange rolls that I miss so much. mmmmmmmm. Who should be there? But Stefanie, my old boss. I asked how everything was going and discovered that Mark, also my old boss, is not doing well. He hasn't been into work since the beginning of December because he is hurting so bad. This is not good. Mark is an awesome guy, and really quite young. I am very worried.

The work meeting was a lot of fun. The best announcement was that three items in the store now have spiffs on them. Huzzah!! Also, today marks the six months I have been working here. I love my job!!

As much as I love my job however, I did take a two and a half hour lunch break to eun some "errands". This was actually my opportunity to watch Cloverfield with Drek, Rissy and Xirax. It was actually a great movie. I loved it. The only not-good part was at the very end, when I though the movie was over (but it actually continued on for ten more minutes). It was supposed to be a very sad scene, and the whole theater was dead silent. It stuck me as a hilarious way to end the movie, so I started laughing, which I felt bad about because of the people in front of us, so I put my hand over my mouth and tried to giggle quietly.

After work it was off to the Quark game night!! An entire room filled with nerds and geeks playing board games of every kind!! We brought Pirates Dice (thanks again Xirax!!) and taught a group how to play. Once taught, I abandoned the group to join a game of Ticket To Ride Europe. It was most exciting. I tied for first place with another player.
The best art of activities like that is not the activity, but rather, knowing that no matter what you do, you can be yourself, because everyone in the room will except you for who you are. I forgot how much I liked Quark for that reason.
At the end, Xirax was happily taking pictures. As I came up to him he pointed the camera at me and said "I'm documenting this. What do you think of this party?" Giggle giggle.

As I mentioned in the previous post, Acouchi likes Spaghetti noodles. I now have the film to prove this.