Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Acouchy Species?

Last night Drek and I went to library. This was a historic occasion. When we were dating, I discovered that Drek did not have a library card. He did read a lot, but he borrowed or bought books to read. He did not utilize Benjamin Franklin's brilliant idea. There have been a few times when we have gone to the Library and he has borrowed my card. The other day, he went to the Library without me and he got his own Library card. Thus, last night we went to the Library armed with our own individual cards. We checked out books, came home, cozied up on our oh-so-comfy bed, and read for about four hours. Breaking the silence he suddenly announced: "Hey! Acouchies!" I looked up from my book in confusion to find my cat, but then realized he was pointing to his book. The book was referencing small South American mammals named Acouchies. This morning I looked it up on Wiki. Yep, there is such a thing. 

Green Acouchi, Myoprocta pratti is a South American acouchy species from the Dasyproctidae family. It is found in Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru.

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