Wednesday, February 27, 2008

And There I Was, Mopping the Ceiling

The rain turned into snow. It did not take away the smoke smell. Well, it took away the smoke smell in the bedroom, and after a another cleaning, the smell in the kitchen was gone. Unfortunately, the smoke smell was still alive and well in the living room. I practically bathed the carpet in Fabreeze. It was time for another plan. I looked online, and discovered that vinegar and baking soda work well. Therefore, I produced a mixture of baking powder and white vinegar and wiped down all the surfaces. I then fabreezed yet again and placed boxes of baking powder around the room. I set an air purifier in the corner and got that working. In the opposite corner, I placed an air freshener that is supposed to absorb odors. Two hours later I could still smell smoke. This led Drek and I to sniff around our living trying to find out exactly where the smoke smell was coming from. The beanbag smelled like fabreeze. The carpet smelled like fabreeze. The counter tops and bookshelves smelled like vinegar. The curtains smelled...well, bad. Not like smoke, but bad. I want new curtains. So why did the room smell like smoke?
In the afternoon Drek and I went over to my parent's house to play games. we discussed the issue with them, and my dad suggested that the smell was coming from the ceiling. Brilliant!! That's where the smoke would have gone, right? That's where we haven't cleaned and we haven't smelled! It had to be! So I came home, made up another mixture of baking soda and vinegar, doused a rag with it, stuck it to the end of a stick and there you go!
I hope it works. If it doesn't, we might have to look into the possibility that Acouchi is stealing cigarettes from our neighbor and smoking them in the living room while we are gone.

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