Friday, May 29, 2009

Sress Levels Reaching Critical

Acouchi might have cancer. Her X-rays are going to a radiologist. We'll know more on Monday.

If she does not have cancer, or if they think she does not have cancer, then Monday she goes in to the animal hospital for yet another blood test to check her thyroid levels. The results will tell them how much Radioactive Iodine to inject into her thyroid on Tuesday, when she goes in for RIT. She'll spend two weeks at the hospital, tested again, maybe put on medication, maybe not, and sent back home to us where I will not be able to touch her for twenty-eight days which doesn't really matter, since Acouchi will no doubt be spending those twenty-eight days ignoring me and hating my guts for putting her through such an ordeal. I can't blame her. I would hate me too.

At the end of the twenty-eight days she goes back in for more testing at which point they determined whether or not the procedure worked. If it did, great. If not, the either they try again (back to step one) or they decide this is not the recommended treatment for this particular case and we schedule Acouchi for surgery.

If she does have cancer, or they think she might have cancer, I have no idea what the game plan will be. None. I don't even want to know what the game plan would be. I just can't think about it.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Yes, I Love Technology. But Not as Much as You, You See. But I Still Love Technology

Here I am, waiting for my orange rolls dough to finish in the bread maker before I go to bed. I am sitting in my Zero Gravity Perfect Chair (which I love oh-so-much!) surfing the interwebs through wireless on my laptop, gchatting with someone in Sweden and someone in Japan.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Don't Go in the Pimped Out Fridge

My husband is the bestest. Here is why:

We love to play board games (as anyone who has seen our game shelf knows). I love how we cycle through games, for around two weeks we will play the same game over and over before moving on to another game. I love playing games with my husband.

A few nights ago I wanted to go on a walk. we still had some green bean seeds leftover from our garden, so Drek and I went out to search the neighborhood for a place to plant them. Across the street from our backyard is an overgrown field. Trying not to let anyone see us, we oh-so-sneakily planted the seeds around the base of the "No Dumping" sign. It was quite the adventure. I love going on adventures with my husband.

Friday night Drek and I were snuggled up together when we decided to watch a movie. I looked up theatres in our area and discovered that the city next to ours has a dollar theatre! It was playing Race to Witch Mountain, so we decided to go see it! What a treat! Before we went I made home-made pizza for dinner. I cooked his first (pepperoni) and then I cooked mine (pineapple) We were in a small hurry since were cutting it close. Drek was happily munching on his pizza when I took mine out of the oven...and dropped it all over the floor. I didn't have time to make another one, or anything else, so we just left. Drek bought me popcorn at the movie and we had a wonderful time. Afterward he even took me out for ice cream. Awww, a date night!! How wonderful! I love going on date nights with my husband!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

I Was a Junior Chipmunk, uh, And I Had to be Versed in All the Woodland Creatures

Today was Enoch's Eagle Scout Project. Scout activities are always an adventure for me. This was no exception. The project was to lay sod for for handicapped children? It had something to do with the United Way. Anyway, the problem was the their pavilion was surrounded by dead grass, and was very uneven, constantly tripping the poor handicapped kids. Thus, Enoch steps in to save the day. I was in charge of pictures. Here are some:


And here are some guys working:

There were a lot more people working. I have pictures of them, but see no reason to post pictures of people I do not know and might potentially get mad that I put their picture on the internets.

Anyway; Yay! Didn't we do such a great job!

Scout activities are always an adventure for me. This was no exception. I hope this baby is a girl.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

...Into a Magical Beanstock!

Yesterday I went to the cannery. I canned myself six cans (one case) of dried black beans and six cans (one case) of dried pinto beans. I canned the cannery two cans of pinto beans and four cans of black beans. It was super-easy. It took about an hour. Had I known what I was doing, I'm sure I could have done it in thirty minutes. It was my first experience canning beans. It was basically my first experience canning anything. It was the first time I had been to that cannery, and they were really nice to the the ignorant pregnant women who came by herself, with no stake and no idea what she was doing.

Why am I canning died beans? To eat of course!! I am going to figure out how to turn my black beans and pinto beans into amazing things like baked beans, refried beans, magic beans...

Oh, I am so excited!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Have You Tried Not Being A Mutant?

Great news! Acouchi is completely potty trained!!!!!!!

Bad news: The doctor said that was bad.

As you know, Acouchi has Hyperthyroidism. The medication worked great to control it (she took her medicine so well!) but, as a side effect, gave her, and I quote: "Itchyface." Which can lead to Baldface, which can lead to Noface. Therefore, keeping her on the medication is not an option (not like we would have anyway, she's too young to be on pills for the rest of her life). That leaves surgery (yikes!!) and Feline Radioactive Iodine Treatment.

FRIT is the treatment of choice by Acouchi's doctor. It is no risk of death, very low risk of bad stuff and 95% effective. It's also less expensive than surgery. The catch? There are two: 1) Only one clinic on our whole state does this procedure, oh! but it's in our city!! It's like a sign or something. 2) Acouchi will be radioactive-cat for two weeks afterward, so she has to stay at the clinic for two weeks. Not fun, and she'll probably never speak to me again, but better than her being dead.

I called the clinic to schedule the treatment. What did I find out? Acouchi will still be radioactive for twenty-eight days AFTER she comes home. Her poop will also be radioactive, and it is illegal to flush radioactive materials down the toilet. In other words: It's great that your cat is trained, now un-train her. NNNNOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

"Oh, and she can't be around pregnant women and children under twelve." WHAT?!!! I am pregnant.

Great. Just great. And now Drek is all concerned about Nine and the risks and such. And now we have to consult the oncology unit and the OBGYN to figure out what the risks are and if we can still do FRIT, or risk Acouchi's life and do the surgery. This is me, VERY not happy. I'll move out for twenty-eight days if I have to.

What are we afraid of? The baby being born a mutant? Because that would be freaking awesome. It would be like Jack-Jack from The Incredibles, or maybe it would grow up to be Storm!! Or Gambit!!! OH! We could name him Remy!!!!! Or maybe Marie. (a)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Fork in the Outlet

This time next year, I will be in Hawaii, watching the Series Finale of LOST.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Each Patch is the Equivalent of 12 cups of Coffee. You Can Stay Up For Days With No Side Effects.

It's a no-go on the chickens. Townhouses are not allowed to have barnyard animals.

Here's something entirely unrelated:
Last night I went to sleep snuggled up close to Drek. The next thing I knew, I was standing across the room from the bed and my throat was sore. Slowly, I realized I was screaming.

A night terror. Sigh. When was the last time I had one? Last year? The last major one I had, where I find myself out of bed, was April 29, 2006. I think. Drek may think differently.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Involvement vs Commitment: In an Eggs & Ham Breakfast the Chicken was Involved and The Pig Was Committed

This morning Drek and I picked up some chicks. Drek's mom has decided to raise chickens, since it is now legal in her city, the eggs are cruelty free (I'm sure that was a reason) the eggs are cheaper, and the eggs are so much healthier. Drek and I picked out three of the cutest little baby chicks you have seen. They were so adorable; They were adorkable.

I drove them down to their new home, listening to their little chirping all the way. It got me thinking: $3.50 for a chicken? How much does it cost to feed them? Cruelty free eggs are $3.00 a dozen, if you get them on sale. And they are not that healthy. And you don't have adorkable baby chicks. Seriously, if they are legal in that city, are they legal in my city? Obviously, since that where they were being sold. The question is will the HOA allow them. The bigger question is will Drek allow them.


Sunday, May 10, 2009

You Can Settle for Less in Ordinary Life, or Do You Feel Like You Were Meant for Something Better?

Oh, look! Internets!

Drek and I went on a trip. We had a lot of fun. We saved planet. And by saved the planet, I mean negated our carbon footprint, for a few days anyway. We planted thirty trees and lots and lots of shrubs. Picking them all out took around four hours, digging holes and planting them all took around six hours.

We also played lots of games, ate the most delicious food, and went to see Star Trek. All of these things were highly enjoyable. I highly recommend the Star Trek movie. In fact, I recommend it over Wolverine. And that is saying something.

It was a wonderful trip. I did not take any pictures. I am done blogging now.

Friday, May 01, 2009

Wow, Ko Ko Ka Cho Got Screwed

Sigh, both a very sad day and a very fun day. Where do I start?

I left work yesterday at 5pm. I went straight over to the movie theatre to wait in line. Lizzie was already there. Wouldn't you know it, we were the only ones waiting. :)

Rissy and Cavin showed up, followed by Ismael. Rissy and I left for a "secret" mission (she was getting her hair cut and, for the first time ever, colored). The appointment was a lot of fun, we talked, we laughed, we played with the dogs. In the end, Rissy's hair looked AMAZING!!! We went back to the theatre to find Lizzie and Kim holding our place in line. By then there were quite a lot of people waiting. We played Guillotine and talked some more. At 10pm they let us find our seats. We had the best seats in the house! After more talking, stories and Mambas the movie started at 12:01. It was...surprisingly good. Not as good as X1 or X2, but miles ahead of X3. A really good action movie, not a lot of swearing, no sex. Surprisingly good. It was wonderful to see Dominic Monaghan again. He wasn't in the movie enough but he did do a fantastic job. Gambit was in the movie. The rumors that he has three minutes of screen time are entirely false. He is part of the plot the whole way through.

After the movie ended everyone said their good-byes to Rissy. I drove her to the airport (I'm sure she was terrified of my night driving, sorry, Rissy!) we got there around 3:30am. It was creepy being at a completely deserted airport. I have never had that experience. We said good-bye and that was that. I won't see her again for another three months!!

Drek and I are thinking that if the baby is a girl, that might be the name.