Monday, May 25, 2009

Don't Go in the Pimped Out Fridge

My husband is the bestest. Here is why:

We love to play board games (as anyone who has seen our game shelf knows). I love how we cycle through games, for around two weeks we will play the same game over and over before moving on to another game. I love playing games with my husband.

A few nights ago I wanted to go on a walk. we still had some green bean seeds leftover from our garden, so Drek and I went out to search the neighborhood for a place to plant them. Across the street from our backyard is an overgrown field. Trying not to let anyone see us, we oh-so-sneakily planted the seeds around the base of the "No Dumping" sign. It was quite the adventure. I love going on adventures with my husband.

Friday night Drek and I were snuggled up together when we decided to watch a movie. I looked up theatres in our area and discovered that the city next to ours has a dollar theatre! It was playing Race to Witch Mountain, so we decided to go see it! What a treat! Before we went I made home-made pizza for dinner. I cooked his first (pepperoni) and then I cooked mine (pineapple) We were in a small hurry since were cutting it close. Drek was happily munching on his pizza when I took mine out of the oven...and dropped it all over the floor. I didn't have time to make another one, or anything else, so we just left. Drek bought me popcorn at the movie and we had a wonderful time. Afterward he even took me out for ice cream. Awww, a date night!! How wonderful! I love going on date nights with my husband!

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