Monday, May 11, 2009

Involvement vs Commitment: In an Eggs & Ham Breakfast the Chicken was Involved and The Pig Was Committed

This morning Drek and I picked up some chicks. Drek's mom has decided to raise chickens, since it is now legal in her city, the eggs are cruelty free (I'm sure that was a reason) the eggs are cheaper, and the eggs are so much healthier. Drek and I picked out three of the cutest little baby chicks you have seen. They were so adorable; They were adorkable.

I drove them down to their new home, listening to their little chirping all the way. It got me thinking: $3.50 for a chicken? How much does it cost to feed them? Cruelty free eggs are $3.00 a dozen, if you get them on sale. And they are not that healthy. And you don't have adorkable baby chicks. Seriously, if they are legal in that city, are they legal in my city? Obviously, since that where they were being sold. The question is will the HOA allow them. The bigger question is will Drek allow them.


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