Friday, May 01, 2009

Wow, Ko Ko Ka Cho Got Screwed

Sigh, both a very sad day and a very fun day. Where do I start?

I left work yesterday at 5pm. I went straight over to the movie theatre to wait in line. Lizzie was already there. Wouldn't you know it, we were the only ones waiting. :)

Rissy and Cavin showed up, followed by Ismael. Rissy and I left for a "secret" mission (she was getting her hair cut and, for the first time ever, colored). The appointment was a lot of fun, we talked, we laughed, we played with the dogs. In the end, Rissy's hair looked AMAZING!!! We went back to the theatre to find Lizzie and Kim holding our place in line. By then there were quite a lot of people waiting. We played Guillotine and talked some more. At 10pm they let us find our seats. We had the best seats in the house! After more talking, stories and Mambas the movie started at 12:01. It was...surprisingly good. Not as good as X1 or X2, but miles ahead of X3. A really good action movie, not a lot of swearing, no sex. Surprisingly good. It was wonderful to see Dominic Monaghan again. He wasn't in the movie enough but he did do a fantastic job. Gambit was in the movie. The rumors that he has three minutes of screen time are entirely false. He is part of the plot the whole way through.

After the movie ended everyone said their good-byes to Rissy. I drove her to the airport (I'm sure she was terrified of my night driving, sorry, Rissy!) we got there around 3:30am. It was creepy being at a completely deserted airport. I have never had that experience. We said good-bye and that was that. I won't see her again for another three months!!

Drek and I are thinking that if the baby is a girl, that might be the name.

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