Monday, April 28, 2008

April BAMC: Pretties

The April Book of the Month Challenge was Beauty. This was frustrating because I was already reading Catch 22 (again. I love that book) and there is just no way you can use beauty to describe that book.

So, I picked a Young Adult series by Scott Westerfiels. I had the series recommended to my Krisface. I loved them. The fist book is Uglies, then Pretties, then Specials. Because these books are so popular, I had a hard time getting a hold of them at the Library. Thus, I read Pretties first, then Specials, and last I went back and read Uglies. Pretties was definitely my favorite of the three. It did the best job of showing you this civilization with all the slang, the technology, and the thinking. Also, I hadn't read Uglies yet so I didn't know who David was, and thus liked Zane infinitely better.

The books are Science Fiction. It takes place in the future in a world where until the age of 16, you are called an Ugly. When you turn 16, you go in for a surgery that makes you a Pretty. You have perfect teeth, perfect skin, perfect muscles, and all your facial features are symmetrical. Your eyes are big and your lips are full. Along with this surgery, you move from the dorms of Uglyville to the mansions of New Pretty Town, where everyone is Pretty. What the people do not know, is along with making you pretty, the put lesions on your brain to make you complacent and content. In this way, all the problems of today are solved. There is no racism, no hate crimes, because everyone looks alike. No one is poor or starving, because the population is controlled. There is no crime, only "tricks" the uglies play to get attention.
The book makes several points on the beauty and ugliness, not only discussing the evolution of it, but also how beauty is defined by the society we live in. It also makes several points on how we, today (the book refers to us as Rusties) are ruining the world with all our pollution, greed and war. Of course, it also makes several points about agency, controlling people and government. It's totally bubbly-making.

I highly recommend this series. There is nothing questionable in them, not even any swear words. They are very easy reads and quite fascinating.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

In the Catagory Of Questions Not Answered...

McLappy got sick, so I took him to a Mac Hospital. He was in there for a few days, but he is better now. MUCH better.

I'm not going to Texas on Tuesday, plans have been...changed. Drek's other family reunion is in July and it is in San Antonio. There's no point in going down twice, so instead of the Alamo and the Schlitterbahn in May it will be family and...more family in July. Sigh. Also, the Yellowstone trip has been cancelled. Well, kind of. I guess we're trying to go later in the summer, but we're not going for our anniversary. We're not really sure what we're doing.

Before I found this out, my older sister took me to a big Shade clothing sale. All shirts were $5. I found some really cute ones and so did she. The best part was that there were bathing suits there too! I got two cute tops and one pair of bottoms (Tanktini style). So now I have cute and appropriate swimsuits!! I do have a season pass to Seven Peaks this summer, I will just wear them there.

Nateizzle came to my work the other day. He brought be a chocolate bar from Krisface and a picture of Toby. He is soooooooooooooo cute. Soooooooooo cute. Krisface says he cries all the time. That's they should move here. I guess now they ARE moving here, the only question is with which job, and when.

It's now the 27th of the month. None of the girls have reported back their visiting teaching. I hate them. I am thinking of asking the bishop to be released from my calling. The only reason I didn't ask him today was because I think Drek would be disappointed in me.

I sent out all the invitations for Sunstar's bridal shower. I made them myself. They are very cute. I would take a picture and post it, but it has all sorts of personal information that I can't figure a way around.

Drek and I went on an adventure to purchase a connector thing-y for our TV/DVD player. It was quiet an adventure. Luckily, we both survived, and celebrated by eating homemade carmel popcorn and watching Dead Man's Chest on Rissy's TV and Xirax's DVD player.
I would like to start our subscription to clear play the same time I start a Net Flix free 90 day trial. That way I can watch a lot of movies for minimal cost. Alas, there are complications, so this will take time. What vexes all men? The Sea? Sums? The Dichotomy of edited R rated movies vs not watching R rated movies?

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Earth Day!!

Plant a tree, walk instead of drive, keep all lights turned off, recycle...
Do SOMETHING today to celebrate.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Princess Tea Party

The food was purchased, the cookies made, the cake decorated, the limo confirmed, the guests invited...
The girls arrived at 5:00, all dressed up in dresses. They each picked a tiara to wear for the night. I had borrowed the tiaras from my mom, and to my surprise, she gave me the tiara she had worn as Football Sweetheart. That was the my tiara for the night. Isn't it beautiful??!!
The limo arrived at 5:30. Inside was AMAZING!!
We drove around until 6:00, when Nick called and said she was waiting out front (she thought he was taking her to a fancy dinner). We pulled up and jumped out, but she didn't notice us. We crept up to her car and all four of us stood by her window, but she still didn't notice. Finally I opened her door and then she realized what was going on.
We drove around in the limo (the driver got horribly lost, but he did get us to our destination eventually.

Tea Time!!

It was a huge success, everyone loved the little cups and the tiny (but delicious) food.

When we finally finished our teatime it was Birthday cake time. The birthday cake was my first attempt at Strawberry Shortcake. I think it tuned out alright. It was a little on the heavy side, but it was my first attempt.
Megan made a wish, but wouldn't tell us what it was.

Afterward, Nick came in and took tons of pictures of us in different poses. It was so much fun.

Happy 1st Birthday, Megan!!

Saturday I took a long lunch to go to my niece's 1st birthday party. The party was supposed to be outside in a park, but it was so windy that we moved it back to my sister's apartment. My sister had decorated two cakes for the occasion, one for the guests
and one for Megan!
At first, Megan wasn't sure about the cake,
but then she got into it.

Drek and I got her two books (she loves babies, so one book was a color book with pictures of babies, and the other book was a counting book) and the movie The Phantom of the Opera.
Megan loves this movie, so it was a good opportunity to give a gift she would like, my sister would like, and I could add a little culture to my niece.
The party was a blast!! I hope Megan had as much fun as we did.

Friday, April 18, 2008

The Adventure of Shopping for Tea Sets

My friend, Megan (whom I really hope doesn't read this blog) is leaving this summer. She is going to Basic Training (she's in the air force) and is going to Egypt for several weeks to study Arabic (so jealous!!). Because of this, she will miss her 1 year anniversary and her birthday.
She has been the ring leader of our little clan of newlywed girls, and because of this I wanted our little clan to throw her a surprise birthday party. I started planning the party yesterday. The party is Sunday. Thus, things are a little rushed. The plan:

All girls will dress up in prom dresses and tiaras. Megan's husband will get her into a prom dress without telling her why. All the girls will come and surprise Megan by picking her up in a Limo. The limo will then drive around, giving us time to talk and enjoy ourselves. The Limo will then drop us off at a park, where we will have a tea party. Afterwards, we'll drive home.

The only complication is if it snow, which it is planning on doing (I HATE THIS STATE!!) and then we will go inside, rather than in a park.

Tonight, after work, I went shopping for tea sets. It was a very long day at work. I was tired, I was onrey, my feet hurt, but I was out of time. At store 1 I did find a dinner set with tea cups in them, but there were only 6 teacups (I needed 7) and one was broken. I had to take the box off the shelf to see this.
Store 2 sold teacups individually, but to get enough I would be spending over $50, which I was not desperate enough to do...yet.
Store 3 was Wal Mart. They had nothing close to teacups. In all the stores I browsed the toy isle, looking for toy tea sets, but hadn't found any until Wal Mart. They are perfect! Perfect miniature teacups and saucers!! And they are so cute!! Mission accomplished!! I decide to call Drek and gloat...oh, wait. Where is my phone?? You guessed it, back at store 1. It was a miracle it wasn't stolen.

I'll post pictures of the party after the event.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie...

I hate TV. I've said it before, and I will say it again: If there is anything good on TV, a quarkie will have shown it to me on DVD. The only exception to this rule has been Pushing Daises, which I found on my own, but had I waited a few months, Kirsa would have recommended on her blog.
Because of this, when Drek and I moved in to our apartment, I didn't bring the small 13" TV I own. The downside to this is that I love movies. I have lots of DVDs and VHSs, but could only watch the DVDs, and only on my laptop. After a few months, Rissy decided to give us a TV. It was old, but it was big and needed a home. I didn't want it, Drek did. Why do we need it? I asked. We don't have a DVD or a VHS player, we don't even get any channels. Why have a TV? but somehow, it stayed.
For Christmas, my grandma gave us her old VHS player. We hooked this up to Rissy's TV, and had fun watching movies that way.
Well, for my birthday, I received many wonderful things. My mother got me this beautiful rose, Krisface sent me the DVD "Enchanted" (squee!) and Xirax and Sunstarr got me...

A CLEAR PLAY DVD PLAYER!!!!! (Clear Play edits movies for you as you watch them. So now will never hear swear words ever again, and I can even rent some rated R movies!!!! EEEEEEEEE!!!)
It was amazing. A DVD player + the gift of R movies + editing out what I want edited our of every movie. AMAZING!!
The problem? The TV is too old to have the correct hook-ups. Thus, we need a new TV. Right back at square one.
We picked up my old TV and it works, but it is so small! We are thinking of just buying some sort of adapter to make the Xirax's DVD player and grandma's VHS player work with Rissy's TV.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Summer Plans

This summer is already packed with crazy-fun activities! Hooray!!

Officially, the fun starts April 29, when Drek and I fly to San Antonio, but a few days before that my darlings are coming to Utah to hang out. I'm so excited to see them! I haven't seen them since last February.

San Antonio!! We're staying at my grandparent's house, which is on the Guadeloupe River and so gorgeous. On Saturday we going to the Schlitterbahn. I need a new bathing suit for this. Unfortunately the bathing suit I have fallen in love with (a hand-me-down from my sister, actually) is a two-piece, and Drek says that will not fly. :( Besides, with any luck Drek's sister and her family will meet us there to play, and I wouldn't want to be wearing a two-piece.
We're staying in SUNNY Texas for at least a week, and then driving home with my grandparents in their Hybrid. Squee!!

The day we get home marks the official start of summer: Condo time!! Every year my grandparent come to Park City and stay at a Condo. A bunch of relatives get together here and we swim, play games, eat and hang out. We have done this since before I can remember. This event always signaled the official start of childhood summers.

Sunstarr is engaged (as of a few days ago) and I am throwing her a bridal shower. Just to show how different this party planning will be from the last party (a baby shower that didn't happen because mother-to-be was a brick), the guest list is done, the games are planned, the only thing holding us up is exactly when the party will be. The week before May 17, but the exact day is yet to be announced. I am very excited for this party.

June 7 Drek and I are driving to Colorado, the location of Drek's family reunion. This is a camping trip. Drek's family has a reunion every year and even the locations always change, most of them are camping trips. Last year was a blast, even though we had only been married for three weeks, it was the first time I met most of his family, and the family in charge of food didn't know I was vegetarian (and were quite shocked to find out)so I lived off of cheese-nips and Yogos. I hope this year is a little less awkward.

July: I am (hopefully) volunteering at the Freedom Festively and (hopefully) volunteering at the Stadium of Fire. Let's hope this works out! The day after, Drek and I are taking a road trip to Yellowstone, where I have never been. This will be where we celebrate our 1 year anniversary (awwww). This will also be a camping trip.

Sometime this summer Krisface will be here. In fact, sometime this summer Krisface will be moving here, but those dates are yet unknown.

Those are the plans thus far. Now if it would only stop snowing...

Monday, April 14, 2008

I'm Getting Quite Good at Writing Suppressed-Emotion Emails

In my married student ward, I am called as a visiting teaching supervisor. This is ironic, because I hate visiting teaching, and I hate using phones. I have had this calling for eight months now. My duties include gathering all reports from the fourteen girls in my district, compiling them into one big report, and submitting it to the girl in charge of all visiting teaching. This happens once a month. The problem with this is gathering the reports. The fourteen girls in my district are supposed to call me when they have finished their visiting teaching and give me a report. They don't. So I have to call them. They don't answer their phones, they don't return calls. Some of them don't even so their visiting teaching.
In recent months, I have made a breakthrough: I now harass the via email. This has worked better for the last two months, but I still have to ask for the reports, then beg them for the reports, and I still have to call four or five girls at the end of them because they never reply.
This month I have a problem. Drek on I are going on a much needed vacation on April 29. I refuse to be worrying about visiting teaching reports while I am on vacation. I refuse! Thus, I wrote an email yesterday:


We have 14 women in our district that we need to uplift, strengthen, befriend, and teach. It is a calling given to us by God, as women of his church. We are called to be visiting teachers, and then to return and report. Each of you are specifically assigned to 2 sisters. These 2 sisters are in your care. You are responsible for uplifting their souls, and making their burdens light. In D&C 1: 31 is says: "For I the Lord cannot look upon sin with the least degree of allowance;" Not doing your calling is a sin. In 1 Ne. 15: 34 it says: "But behold, I say unto you, the kingdom of God is not filthy, and there cannot any unclean thing enter into the kingdom of God; wherefore there must needs be a place of filthiness prepared for that which is filthy." That place prepared for the filthy is called Hell, sisters. And that's where you will be going if you do not do your visiting teaching and report back to me.
Last month, 5 of the 14 sisters in our district were not uplifted. They were not strengthened, they were not befriended, they were not visit taught. 5 of the 14. Why is this? It's not that hard, sisters! Each of you has a functioning, willing companion to help you out with this. I got my visiting teaching done, every month, for the last eight months, with no help from my companion, who's pregnancy is making her so sick, she can't answer a cell phone, an email, or even her front door. I can get my visiting teach done, so why can't you?
Technically, all sisters should be visited by the 25th of every month. All reports should be reported by the 25. That is in 12 days. Not counting today, you have 12 days (one of those being a Sunday!) to save your immortal souls by visiting teaching and reporting back. I know it's finals. I know you are busy, I know they are busy. So is Satan. Hell is full of busy people.
Do your visiting teaching. Email me your report by the 25. If you have not reported by the 26th, my report will say you failed to do your visiting teaching, and then I will come and hunt you down, and kill you, and you will go straight to hell, because you did not do your calling!!!!

Not kidding around,
-K la

Alas, in my church, there is an unwritten rule that all sisters must be "bubbly" to each other. At all times, all phone calls, all messages, all emails, must sweet and happy. Drek said the above email was probably not fitting these requirements, so this is the actual letter I sent out:


Happy Sunday!
We have 14 women in our district that we need to uplift, strengthen, befriend, and teach. It is a calling given to us by God, as women of his church. We are called to be visiting teachers, and then to return and report. In "True To The Faith" it says: As you visit and serve your assigned sisters, take the time to teach the gospel and nurture friendships. In addition to serving individuals, you can play an important role in strengthening families."
Last month, 5 of the 14 daughters of God in our district were not uplifted. They were not strengthened, they were not befriended, they were not visit taught. 5 of the 14. We can do better!!
Technically, all sisters should be visited by the 25th of every month. All reports should be reported by the 25. That is in 12 days. Not counting today, you have 12 days (one of those being a Sunday!) to build the Kingdom of God by doing your visiting teaching and reporting back. I know it's finals. I know you are busy, I know they are busy. Please make the time. You will be blessed and they will be blessed.

Have a wonderful April!
-K La

Bubbly enough? Maybe not, but that's all the emotion I could suppress.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Day of Doom Version 22

This year, I will even go so far as to not call it the Day of Doom, I will call it My Birthday. It was awesome.

Monday after work Drek and I went up to his parent's house to have a birthday dinner. We were welcomed by his littlest brother announcing that the dinner they made was all vegetarian, just for me. There was a big banner wishing me happy birthday over the door. When we walked into the kitchen, the "vegetarian dinner" turned out to be breakfast for dinner: Hash browns, waffles with whip cream and strawberries, and egg kishe. It was so yummy! They had even made me a chocolate cake which was amazing. They sang to me, and I blew out the candles. They gave me a few presents (a nice smelling candle from mom, Rachie made me earrings, a box of chocolate candies). It was very birthday-ish.

That night was my very last night of being 21. Therefore, I decided to go on a crusade to make up for my last birthday. I called Russel, and asked him to take me to the liquor store. I picked him up. When he got in my car he asked if he had heard me right. I laughed and told him yes, I said the liquor store. I needed a bottle of Spiced Rum. "For Banana Foster!!??" He asked excitedly. Dead on. Crazy.
We went to the store, bought the rum (they asked to see my ID!!!) and to my surprise they even supply you with a brown paper sack to put it in. Giggle giggle. We went back to his apartment and I attempted to make Banana Foster (from the recipe provided by Google's how to...). Alas, it did not work. In order to get the flame, the alcohol has to be proof 100, ours was only proof 70. But it still tasted delicious!! And I could say that I went and bought alcohol when I was 21.

Tuesday I was woken up up by amazing husband singing "Happy Birthday" softly in my ear. He is the best husband ever. for the last week he kept asking me what I want for my birthday. Silly boy. Doesn't he know that he is all I could ever want? We went to the Bakery for a breakfast of eclairs and orange rolls, then we came back home and he made me a breakfast burrito, just how I like it.
I went into work and was wished happy birthday by my co-worker and my manager, a few minutes later my boss came in carrying a bouquet of balloons.
They were weighted down by a cheeseburger from Wendy's. "Now that you're 22, I'm sure you're mature enough to eat a cheeseburger." I declined, he said my real present was in his car. It turned out to be the most delicious chocolate pie! he had even put candles on it. He also have me a ring with a heart on it; Because I am "the heart of the store." :) It was so great!
My mom took me out to a wonderful lunch, my sister called, Kris called and even tried to get Toby to talk to me! Xirax called, which was fun. And Russel called later that night. That night we went out to dinner with Rissy and Ismail, and after having a very hard time finding the place, we had a wonderful (and hilarious) dinner. I tried to get Ismail to eat an octopus, but the waiter took it away too fast.
When we got home, Drek had decorated our bedroom in the most amazing way!

I have never seen such a wonderful decorating job! He has sprinkled the bed with my favorite kinds of chocolate, and he had bought me a picture frame that I had been wanting for a long time. He is amazing. Thank you, Drek. I love you.

Wednesday I made Napoleons. It took me all freaking day, and the crust didn't turn out right, but it was still yummy. We had a family party in the afternoon, ate Napoleons and ice cream and had a great time. My little niece is the most adorable little girl in the world. She was the entertainment for most of the party. Her birthday is next week. She will be one year old.

So now I am 22. I don't mind, actually. After I got used to it, I liked saying I was 20. I think 22 will be the same way.

Monday, April 07, 2008

I Burned My Hand...On My Muffins

Conference weekend: Always a great weekend!

Saturday was spent at work, but because no one comes into our store while the boys are at priesthood meeting, we shut the store at six. Drek was gone, of course, so I went over to my mom's house and hung out with her. A little while later, Rissy and I went to go see Nim's Island, which I highly enjoyed.

Sunday Drek and I listened to Conference from the comfort of our own home. I continued my tradition of cleaning while I listened, resulting in our little apartment being CRAZY CLEAN!! I bought a handheld steam cleaner a few days ago and used it like crazy on all walls, baseboards, coutertops, sinks, and all kitchen appliances, including the refrigerator. I even cleaned Acouchi's room. It was while I was using my steam cleaner that I burned my hand. Not on muffins, but by putting the back of my hand directly in the path of the super-heated steam. I think my subconscious is trying to kill me before Day of Doom Version 22, which is tomorrow.

For the afternoon session, Rissy and Ismail came over to play the LOST bord game and CLUE FX. We set up dinner plans for my Day of Doom. I am excited!
I see potential in the LOST bord game. I think if there were different Fate cards, and if the game was players vs. The Island instead of players vs players. I want to make it like that crazy fun game Matt had. I don't know what is was called, but I played it with Pratt and Brad like three times. I am thinking I will redo the LOST game, until it is crazy fun.

After they left Drek and I went over to my parent's house for more games. We played Killer Bunnies and Hand and Foot. My mom also discussed Day of Doom plans with me. She's taking me out to lunch (Cafe Rio!!!) and we're having a small party, where we will have a dessert recipe I have been dying to try ever since I saw it on Google's "how to of the day". I'm so excited! All in all, this birthday is already infinitely better than last year's. Worst. Birthday. Ever. Although I did get a killer game of Pirates' Dice which has come in useful time after time. Not everyone forgot my birthday last year (thanks Xirax!!).


Friday, April 04, 2008

Still on an Adrenaline Kick

Today has been insane. From the time I woke up, I have been on a dead run.
This morning I opened the store, then had to run over to a doctor's appointment. Well, not really a doctor, a nurse. It's a long story. Anyway, Laser Hair Removal is a go!! My first appointment is Wednesday! EEEEEE!!!
Run back to work. Today at work, we are rearranging the store. All. Freaking. Day. Moving beds, boxing them up, moving them to the truck, taking new beds out of the truck, bringing it in, unwrapping, setting them up. Building chairs, pushing five-ton cabinets around, building shelves, rearranging shelves, re-building cabinets, re-rearranging shelves. . . All. Freaking. Day. This, apparently, was hazardous to my health. Remember last Friday when my finger was bleeding all over? Today I scraped my thumb knuckle on a piece of wood and the blood was already all over the back of my hand before I noticed. I run to the bathroom, wash it off, get a band-aid, and go back to work. An hour later, I am moving pillow boxes, and get a very deep cardboard-cut on the side of my finger. The blood starts immediately. I am getting too familiar with the first aid kit. There are too many band-aids on my fingers. Also, my boss can't stand the sight of blood, which made the whole thing more hilarious.
And what should UPS deliver on this frantic day? The healing pads that we have been waiting for for over a month. Eight came in. Five we already paid for, so I had to call those five people and tell them their pads were finally here. Two of them were mine (One of them is for a little girl I massage, her muscles are always so tight, I think think it will help a lot. The other one is my birthday present to me! I'm so happy). The other one was up for grabs. We had four people's name on a list to call as soon as the shipment came in, because they wanted one, but didn't wasn't to pay for it in advance. Thus, I called all four of them, and whoever got here first, got the pad. An hour later is was gone.
In addition, noon was the deadline for a writing contest I wanted to enter. Alas, I had not started the story until last night. So every free second (and there were so very few) was spent on my laptop furiously trying to type out a good story. I failed. But I did finish a story. I submitted it 23 minutes late. I hope it still counts.
After work Drek and I went to dinner with my family. We had a wonderful time, even if we were thirty minutes late. After that, we dropped of the healing pad to the little girl's house, and then came home for some much needed quiet time. This is when I discover that they announced the performers at the Stadium of Fire on the 4th of July: Miley Cyrus and the Blue Man Group. Oh. My. Gosh. I want to go so bad. Drek says we are already spending too much money this summer. I suggest we buy fifty tickets, and scalp all but two of them at just enough profit to pay for the two tickets. Drek says no. I suggest we don't get tickets, but when we go to Vegas this summer we have to get tickets to the Blue Man Group. Drek says we aren't going to Vegas this summer. I suggest we go to Vegas now, win a bunch of money at the Black Jack tables, and use that to pay for Blue Man Group tickets and tickets to Stadium of Fire. Drek says ok??? What the...???

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Down with Junk Mail!!

I have become very annoyed with mail. Drek has an obsessive compulsion that requires him to check our mailbox everyday, even though the only thing we get is mail addressed to people who don't live there anymore, and junk mail. All important mail for him goes to his parent's house, all important mail for me goes to my parent's house. Thus, the only reward for checking the mailbox is a stack of papers in a house that I am already struggling to keep clean. I have also recently realized how many dead trees are in our mailbox everyday. This is also alarming.
Internet research was done! This is what I discovered:
The average American household receives 18 pieces of unsolicited junk mail each week, according to the Center for a New American Dream, a nonprofit dedicated to promoting responsible consumerism. Tallied up, that bulk accounts for 100 million trees lost each year and carbon emissions equivalent to three million cars. By reducing the amount of junk mail you receive each year, you personally will save two trees and prevent some 92 pounds of carbon dioxide from being released into the air. Not only that, but if we only use USPS for important mail, instead of junk mail, maybe the price of stamps would go down? Or do I have that backwards?
Anyway, I did more research and went on a crusade to stop junk mail. I did went to to stop credit card junk mail, I went to to stop catalogs, and then I found which basically the most useful site of all. If you are stopping junk mail, just go to this site. It will take you to all the others. Then, I called the Post Office, to see if they could not deliver to me other people's mail.
A little history on our house:
Our apartment is in a highly coveted neighborhood. Our apartment is highly coveted. It is never vacant and has a waiting list a mile long. The only reason we got it, was because the previous occupant was arrested, taken back to New York, and thrown in jail at exactly the same time we needed an apartment.
Because he was unexpectedly thrown in jail, he did not forward his mail, and he did not leave a forwarding address. Thus, our only recourse has been to mark "return to sender" on important looking mail. He gets A LOT of important looking mail. He is also getting an increasing number of mail marked "LAST WARNING!" and "FINAL NOTICE!" and "VERY IMPORTANT!" and "TAMPERING WITH MAIL THAT IS NOT YOUR WILL RESULT IN JAIL TIME". This makes me very nervous for him, because he is obviously not getting his mail, and more nervous for me, who does not want jail time. His name is King Edu (name has been slightly changed, only slightly, the weirdness has been kept for effect). Hasford Sackey also gets a lot of important looking mail. I have no idea who he is.
Anyway, I called the post office, talked to a very nice girl who obviously hated her job. She took down the information and said they would try and get the carrier to not deliver their mail to me.
This morning I got a call from the supervisor of the post office. He said he received my request, but needed to clarify the names. "Ok." I said. "the first one is Hasford Sackey, H-A-S-F-O-R-D is his first name..." The supervisor interrupted me. "his name is Hasford Sackey? First name Hasford, last name Sackey?" "Yes." I answered and the other one is King, K-I-N..." "His first name is King?" And that's when I realized what the phone call was about. "Yes. I know they're strange names. King lived here before us and I have no idea who Hasford Sackey is. But those really are their names."
He thought is was a prank. giggle giggle.