Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Summer Plans

This summer is already packed with crazy-fun activities! Hooray!!

Officially, the fun starts April 29, when Drek and I fly to San Antonio, but a few days before that my darlings are coming to Utah to hang out. I'm so excited to see them! I haven't seen them since last February.

San Antonio!! We're staying at my grandparent's house, which is on the Guadeloupe River and so gorgeous. On Saturday we going to the Schlitterbahn. I need a new bathing suit for this. Unfortunately the bathing suit I have fallen in love with (a hand-me-down from my sister, actually) is a two-piece, and Drek says that will not fly. :( Besides, with any luck Drek's sister and her family will meet us there to play, and I wouldn't want to be wearing a two-piece.
We're staying in SUNNY Texas for at least a week, and then driving home with my grandparents in their Hybrid. Squee!!

The day we get home marks the official start of summer: Condo time!! Every year my grandparent come to Park City and stay at a Condo. A bunch of relatives get together here and we swim, play games, eat and hang out. We have done this since before I can remember. This event always signaled the official start of childhood summers.

Sunstarr is engaged (as of a few days ago) and I am throwing her a bridal shower. Just to show how different this party planning will be from the last party (a baby shower that didn't happen because mother-to-be was a brick), the guest list is done, the games are planned, the only thing holding us up is exactly when the party will be. The week before May 17, but the exact day is yet to be announced. I am very excited for this party.

June 7 Drek and I are driving to Colorado, the location of Drek's family reunion. This is a camping trip. Drek's family has a reunion every year and even the locations always change, most of them are camping trips. Last year was a blast, even though we had only been married for three weeks, it was the first time I met most of his family, and the family in charge of food didn't know I was vegetarian (and were quite shocked to find out)so I lived off of cheese-nips and Yogos. I hope this year is a little less awkward.

July: I am (hopefully) volunteering at the Freedom Festively and (hopefully) volunteering at the Stadium of Fire. Let's hope this works out! The day after, Drek and I are taking a road trip to Yellowstone, where I have never been. This will be where we celebrate our 1 year anniversary (awwww). This will also be a camping trip.

Sometime this summer Krisface will be here. In fact, sometime this summer Krisface will be moving here, but those dates are yet unknown.

Those are the plans thus far. Now if it would only stop snowing...

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