Tuesday, October 31, 2006

frisbee secrets

Browsing through Postsecret.com once again when I came across this gem:

So there was this one time, when we were playing Frisbee golf, and taking in the amount of people between us and our target I causally said: "20 points if you hit someone." He threw it, and hit a poor girl playing on the playground.
I actually collapsed, I was laughing so hard. This postcard makes it all the more funny.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Startling realizations

-Brownies of the non-homemade variety are disgusting
-I do actually like my job
-Scary movies are a million times better when watching them with someone
-Somewhere along the line I became decent at sewing. Shocking, I know
-I'm going to Mexico in December to build houses. I cannot express how excited I am about this.
-3 month anniversaries don't have to be a disaster

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Zoo, Castle of Chaos, Applebees

After a perfectly wonderful day, I don't think my night could have ended any better.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006


As an update, I quit my job on Friday. I told them that I would stay the weekend if they needed me, but that it was the end of the month so it was a good time for me to go. She replied that I would stay two weeks, or until they found a replacement nanny. So that was that.

Today was actually going very well. Little boy was being his usual difficult self, but things were running quite smoothly. The Evil Stepmother comes home just as I am finishing up dinner. I tell little boy to go wash his hands and come eat. Five minutes later I relies he has not come back. Then I hear Evil Stepmother screaming from downstairs. I hear little boy cry and there is more yelling. Usually, this scene unfolds upstairs, as Evil Stepmother doesn't like to go have to go down to the basement where little boy's room is. Today she must be in a good mood. The yelling and crying continue on for ten more minutes. I sit there and wonder to myself how I am possibly going to survive this for a few more hours, let alone another week. Finally they come upstairs and we have dinner.
Back downstairs Little boy gets into the shower and from upstairs you can hear Evil Stepmother and husband fighting. Again, I wonder how to get through this.

Soon I am in little boy's room, reading him his bedtime story. His father comes down and informs me that they have hired a new replacement. I excitedly ask if that meant that tomorrow would be my last day. He replies that tonight can be my last if I want. I am overjoyed at this news. Little boy is not so happy. We talk about it for a while and finally I hug him good-night and go into my room to pack. I decided to put the collection of little boy's pictures in little boy's room. When I go in there I find him crying into his pillow. He tearfully explains to me that I'm the nicest Nanny he's ever had and he doesn't want me to leave. We discuss it more, I assure him it will all be ok, and tuck him in again. I really had no idea the kid even liked me. I feel devastated for abandoning the child, especially in those conditions, but the alternative would be far worse for him. The poor thing has been given a horrible lot in life, but at least he is well cared for physically and financially. I do, however, think that the child will never be normal emotionally and there is absolutely nothing anyone can do about it.

Anyway, I pack up my car, leaving behind most of my stuff. I shall return for those in the morning. I go off to a meeting. While there I receive a phone call: I am to clear out all my things tonight.
Is he actually telling me that I have to relocate all my junk at nine o'clock at night? Yes. Yes he is. In the midst of this, I get a call asking if I am going laser tagging. I explain my situation, and ask if she has any boxes. She does not. I thank her and hang up. Two minutes later I get another phone call asking why I am not going laser tagging. Again, I explain my situation. He responds by saying that I am the one that keeps complaining that we never get together anymore and when he does invite me to things, I don't come. "I mean I guess you have a valid excuse this time. . ."
Excuse me? For one, I have never lodged such a complaint. Two, My life has just been hurled upside down, I am given a deadline in which to relocate my whole apartment immediately, and your upset because I'm not going laser tagging??
I hung up on him.
Which I realize was incredibly cruel, and I know I'll regret it tomorrow, but I did it anyway.

Thankfully, my family is incredible, as is my boyfriend. They came to my rescue and I was completely moved within 45 minutes. So, a million thanks to my wonderful family, and by amazing boyfriend. You guys really saved me tonight. Thank you.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Good news and more good news

Conference weekend!!
It is a weekend I dreaded as a child and now look forward to most emphatic. This conference had particularly good timing, as the it followed a quite a horrific Friday.
The talks were amazing and, as always, just what I needed. It always amazes me that even though there is so much evil and depression in the world, all the talks are uplifting and hopeful. The Gospel really is good news.
A few talks really stood out to me, but the one that I was impressed with the most was Elder Holland's talk. The power he was speaking with was incredible. I think it also helped that all of conference was spent curled up next to one of the most spiritual boys I have ever known.
My sister and brother-in-law invited Meimei and I over to their apartment inbetween sessions on Sunday. We were there for lunch but, as they said, there were alterior motives. The motives, as it turns out, were to privilege us to some very good news:
They're having a baby!! The baby is due sometime around April or May. I'm so excited I can hardly stand it.