Tuesday, November 27, 2007

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

Sunday my amazing husband figured out how to put Christmas lights outside. He decorated the bush in front of our house. It looks amazing. I put up our Christmas tree (otherwise known as Acouchi's favorite food) and started setting up my vast collection of Nativities. Drek the turned his attention to indoor Christmas lights. Our house in now entirely decked.
Also, tonight is the much anticipated TRANS-SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA CONCERT!! So excited.

Monday, November 26, 2007

On the Subject of Shoes

It is no secret that I despise shoes. Perhaps a little less known is that even more than I despise shoes, I despise shoe shopping. Because of this, I only buy new shoes when the pair I ave are falling apart to the point where they leave a trail of debris wherever I walk. The last pair of shoes I bought were for working at the bakery. I bought them in August of 2005. Two years before that, I had bought a pair of sneakers to wear in the winter.
When I went to Mexico last Christmas, I took the old pair of sneakers, as the Bakery shoes were even more beat up than the sneakers. While working on a house of special needs children, my sneaker broke. Completely. I couldn't very well work barefoot, so Padre Jamie took me to a giant garbage bag filled with shoes that had been donated to the house. I picked out some very nice, almost brand new sneakers. I love those shoes. They are my Mexico shoes, and I even wore them when I went back to Mexico on my Honeymoon.
Last week my boss announced that my Mexico shoes (which I always wear to work) were now banned from the store because they were too beat up. This lead to Drek and I doing what I despise most. Spending money on items I don't want. Even worse, spending money on SHOES. Which I hate anyway. However, Drek is amazingly good at shoe shopping and managed to find a nice pair of comfortable, non-expensive shoes. He even bought them for me.
So I now have new shoes. They are not flip-flops, but I will wear them anyway.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

"Here, Faint into My Arms"

Yesterday I biked to work. This not unusual, I have done it many times before. I felt fine before I left, I felt fine while on the bike, yet as soon as I got inside the building I felt very nauseous and light headed. I headed for the bathroom. About halfway across the room I crumpled.
It was really weird. I went pale as a ghost and I couldn't stand up without wanting to throw up/faint again. I laid down on a bed and my co-worker talked to me until I felt better. Weird.

This morning Drek drove me to work. I began doing my work, but about 15 minutes into my day my nose started spurting blood. I don't get nose bleeds very often, but when I do get them it's usually because I've hit my nose or something, not for no apparent reason. Also, usually it just bleeds a little, not to the point where I lock myself in the bathroom for ten minutes trying to get it to stop. Weird.

I told Drek he needs to take out a life insurance policy on me. He says I'm being dramatic.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

A Sighting of a Non-Pregnant Girl in My Church Buidling.

In October, my visiting teaching companion became unreachable. She didn't answer her phone and wouldn't return my calls. Her husband said she was sick. I went visiting teaching without her. In November, I set up appointments and called my companion. Again, she did not answer her phone. I cancelled the appointments, thinking it was only the first week of the month, we could get together later. The next day, my companion left a message on my phone explaining that she hadn't told anyone in the ward yet, but "we're pregnant." (Why "we"? Like your husband is really going through anything remotely similar to being pregnant. Please.) She was very sick, but has new medication so she should be better. The next Sunday I met her husband at church, who was quite surprised that I knew his wife was *he looks around nervously and then moves his hand over his belly to imitate a bump* (What is wrong with these people?) he told me that the medication was not working, and his wife would not be leaving the house for at least the next month.
I was very frustrated. I already dislike visiting teaching, partly because I have no idea what I'm doing, and I hate parading around pretending like I want to be friends with these girls, but also because I have neither the time, nor the energy to fight everybody to do something I don't like doing. I told Drek I gave up on visiting teaching.
In Relief society I randomly took a visiting teaching sheet, even though I already had one. To my surprise I discovered that I had two companions. I asked the president about it. She said it was temporary, but she was new and they had no where else to put her. I was delighted. Maybe she wasn't pregnant!! Alas, no one knew what she looked like or if she had come to church that day, but I did have her phone number. I called her after church and left a message. The next day she return my call (She actually returned my call. no one in this ward has ever returned my call!!). She said she would teach the lessons if I set up the appointments. I called the girls and left messages on Monday. I called them again on Saturday. They were not in church today. I decided that it might be better to just give them a handout. I went home after church and printed off a Thanksgiving appropriate conference talk.
My new companion called me to ask if I had made any appointments (She was actually following up!!). I told her my plan, and she said she would love to come along. (As in, she was willing to go, almost like she wanted go) I went to pick her up and she had made thanksgiving cookies to go along with the handout (She made COOKIES!!). We visited each apartment (none of the girls were available) and left the message, the cookies and note. Afterwards she said she would set up the appointments in December if I would teach the lesson. She also added that she wanted visit them the first or second week and asked if that was ok with me. I was so happy, I almost couldn't answer.
Oh, and she's not pregnant.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Christmas Has Come Early!!

My dad decided to get a family package of Leopard. He gave me mine as a gift. MacLappy has been changed from a Panther to a Leopard. It is fantastic. The movie factor alone is so worth it.

My mom wanted to put Leopard on her computer, but wanted to wipe out the hard drive first. So she put my files on a external hard drive and gifted me the way-cool 320 GB external machinery of doom!! Oh, how I love it.

Also, I received a package from Arkansas. Most unexpectedly, tucked inside was a pair of Mgloves; Or, Glottins. Whatever. They are my new favorite thing. They go all the way up to my elbows, and have fingers cut off half way, and then a mitten you can pull over them. They are basically, the best thing ever, I wear them most everywhere now. They make a noise. They say "hpohmf" and I love them.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Please Silence Your Cell Phones

I am about to watch the last episode of 24, season one. It is entitled, "11:00"
Thank you
*1 hour later*
Stupid addictive 24. Now I have to watch Season 2. There were no answers in that ending!!! And what is the point of Special Features if there are no bloopers?! :( I wanted to see Jack fall off the pier.

I Should Never Have Watched Dante's Peak

Wednesday morning Drek and I ventured up an unknown mountain with some shady directions in hopes of finding the famed natural hot springs. The hike up was gorgeous. The closer we got to the hot springs the more blue the water became. First it looked green, then white, and finally up at the springs the water was amazingly blue.

As it turns out, there are several little "hot tubs" you can choose from. We picked the warmest. At first I was very nervous, but the spring didn't seem to get any warmer, and we weren't on a volcano to begin with. Finally I decided that only naked couples boil to death in sulphur springs. And we had bathing suits on.

It was a great trip. We (and Bob too, I think) and a a great time.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Let's talk about Marriage

Sleeping next to someone is highly addictive. Once you sleep next to someone, it becomes extremely difficult to sleep alone. Luckily, that is what Acouchi is for.

Yesterday, a women came into the store who had five children. Four of them were around the same age, all of them teenagers. The fifth child, was one year old. "Quite the happy surprise" She had said. She was buying a massage chair for her family's game room, because every year for Christmas she and her husband ( of 20+ years) buy a big present for the whole family, instead of lots of individual presents. She was a delightful women, who adored her kids and adored her husband. You could tell because she loved to tell stories about them.

Also yesterday, I had women come into the store who had been married for 20+ years. She wanted a pillow, and didn't care how much it cost. She had wanted this pillow for a while now, and was finally getting because "I have my husband's credit card and I need to buy everything I want now because I'm leaving him next week."
On that same note, a while ago, I had a couple come in (a older man and a young, blond girl) and look at massage chairs. They jokes around a lot, making comments about porn movies and giggling about the vibration on the chairs. He finally announced that he wanted one for their house. While he was paying for it, I discovered that the man was married, but not to her.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Loneleeeeeeeee, I'm so Loneleeeeeeee...

Has anyone seen this movie besides me? It is hilarious. I mean, the plot is ok, but the slugs throughout the movie are a riot. They sing. It kills me.

Drek is off on an adventure this weekend. I am home by myself. It is ok. have the slugs to sing to me.

Sunday, November 04, 2007


The NaNoWrMo website is a piece of crap. I am only putting this here because I am very angry with this website. You'd think with millions of writers/geeks around the world participating in NaNoWriMo, they'd make a non-crappy website.
How do they expect me to update my word count (2168) if the website is alway down/under repair.undergoing maintenance/forgotten my password for the 4th time?? Gah!!!!

My First Charity Dinner

Growing up in the church, in regards to prom dresses (or any dress for that matter) you are told to pose the question: Would you wear that dress if you knew President Hinckley would see you in it?
Now, all my dresses have been modest, so I guess I mostly got the point of that question. However, it becomes a whole new ballgame when you are shopping for a dress that President Hinckley WILL see you in. The question is not just: is it is modest? but: is it suggestive? It is form fitting? Is it slinky? Can you see my ankles? Can you see my elbows?
I have less than thirty minutes to find a dress that is not too formal, not too casual, not too eye-catching, but very pretty. I need a dress that is long enough, high enough, and has sleeves. I need a dress that does not show curves, but I still look good in. I need a dress that is modest, but not a Granny dress. Nothing ostentatious, but I need to look like I have money. In short: I need a miracle.
Luckily, I found such a dress. I will admit, at first I was terrified of the black lace, but it was either that, or a neckline that did not go up to my neck. Not only was this dress all of the above, but it was also little black dress (which every girl needs) and a size 4. I win.

Thursday, November 01, 2007


Happy NaNoWriMo everyone!


1)No computer games AT ALL for the month of November. All time that would be used to play computer games/surf the web is now time for writing.

2)Re-write pages lost in death of MacLappy

3)Write like a crazy fiend

Plans are already in pace to have a NaNoWrimo meeting tonight at our house. Drek has invited his writing group. I was informed of this at 8:00 this morning. Ah well, I can always say cleaning has been postponed until December too. :)