Monday, November 26, 2007

On the Subject of Shoes

It is no secret that I despise shoes. Perhaps a little less known is that even more than I despise shoes, I despise shoe shopping. Because of this, I only buy new shoes when the pair I ave are falling apart to the point where they leave a trail of debris wherever I walk. The last pair of shoes I bought were for working at the bakery. I bought them in August of 2005. Two years before that, I had bought a pair of sneakers to wear in the winter.
When I went to Mexico last Christmas, I took the old pair of sneakers, as the Bakery shoes were even more beat up than the sneakers. While working on a house of special needs children, my sneaker broke. Completely. I couldn't very well work barefoot, so Padre Jamie took me to a giant garbage bag filled with shoes that had been donated to the house. I picked out some very nice, almost brand new sneakers. I love those shoes. They are my Mexico shoes, and I even wore them when I went back to Mexico on my Honeymoon.
Last week my boss announced that my Mexico shoes (which I always wear to work) were now banned from the store because they were too beat up. This lead to Drek and I doing what I despise most. Spending money on items I don't want. Even worse, spending money on SHOES. Which I hate anyway. However, Drek is amazingly good at shoe shopping and managed to find a nice pair of comfortable, non-expensive shoes. He even bought them for me.
So I now have new shoes. They are not flip-flops, but I will wear them anyway.

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