Saturday, November 10, 2007

Let's talk about Marriage

Sleeping next to someone is highly addictive. Once you sleep next to someone, it becomes extremely difficult to sleep alone. Luckily, that is what Acouchi is for.

Yesterday, a women came into the store who had five children. Four of them were around the same age, all of them teenagers. The fifth child, was one year old. "Quite the happy surprise" She had said. She was buying a massage chair for her family's game room, because every year for Christmas she and her husband ( of 20+ years) buy a big present for the whole family, instead of lots of individual presents. She was a delightful women, who adored her kids and adored her husband. You could tell because she loved to tell stories about them.

Also yesterday, I had women come into the store who had been married for 20+ years. She wanted a pillow, and didn't care how much it cost. She had wanted this pillow for a while now, and was finally getting because "I have my husband's credit card and I need to buy everything I want now because I'm leaving him next week."
On that same note, a while ago, I had a couple come in (a older man and a young, blond girl) and look at massage chairs. They jokes around a lot, making comments about porn movies and giggling about the vibration on the chairs. He finally announced that he wanted one for their house. While he was paying for it, I discovered that the man was married, but not to her.

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