Sunday, November 24, 2013

I Mean, What the Heck is It, Anyway?

And for today's mystery creature I give you: 

It was at the freshwater aquarium but without one of those handy description plaques. Is there such thing as a turtle mole? 

Friday, November 01, 2013

Call me a Two Dollar Costume King, Baby

So...Halloween. I decorated the yard like a graveyard again. We STILL don't have any landscaping, which is a perk for Halloween. I also put Halloween lights up in the windows, which was festive. 

We painted/carved pumpkins. We decorated our car for the ward trunk-or-treat. It took two minutes and turned out awesome: 

Other than that, Halloween was very low key this year. I tried to do our Annual How To Host A Murder, but missing two weeks of October made it so we couldn't get our schedules to work together. So, since we already had the game (Class of '54) we invited couples from our ward over. It went great! This was the first How To Host A Murder ever where I thought my costume was spot-on. So I was quite happy. The game went great; this episode was very enjoyable, although no one figured out the murder.
As for actual Halloween costumes...I just didn't have the time, energy, or interest this year. Alexa's was bought from a thrift store, and the base of Ash's was, too; although I did modify it quite a bit. Actually, I never ended up finishing Ash's costume at all. And then every single time she dressed up I forgot to grab the face paint, so her costume was never complete. Sigh. I'll try again next year.