Thursday, January 31, 2008

Of Course, That is Exactely What Heroes Are For!!

No, I did not get enough spiffs to buy my bed. And nothing else in the store has a spiff on it now. curses!!

Yesterday I went to Film Forum to see The Last Unicorn, which I haven't seen in ages. it was pretty good, I'll watch it in another ten years. Bradley stopped by the film forum to drop of the memory protectors I ordered from him, or from Close To My Heart, in October. Now I can finally finish my wedding Album!!

Acouchi likes Sphagetti Noodles.

LOST in 57 minutes!!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I Guess We're Staying in the Apartment...

Yesterday morning I was hit with the idea of getting new carpet in our living room. The carpet in there now is a dark brown and is oh-my-gosh-ugly. As I pondered this idea, I remembered Kris and I painting the Krayola box and the landlord payed for the paint. I also remembered buying $200 in flowers, planting them in front of the Krayola Box (I miss summer, or, for that matter, I miss the sun) and taking $200 out of the price of rent. I actually paid the same thing I did every month, but I got flowers out of the deal that month. So what if I could do that with carpet?

Thus began my new project. I looked online to find all about buying carpet, good deals, carpet padding, installation and such. After much research I decided that Nylon carpet would work best in our high-traffic area, and that a plush would work best with looking new year after year (for future renters) and for the comfort of Acouchi. Drek and I then priced what we wanted and, armed with knowledge, marched over to our landlords.

We presented our plan. She seemed thrilled by the idea and the only conditions were that it be a neutral color and hid dirt well. Huzzah!! New carpet for me!!

LOST in 1 day, 7 hours, 5 minutes!!!!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Many Things

I've been playing Werewolf online with Quark. It has been a lot of fun. I think I've lost my touch, i have no idea who the bad guys are, but that's ok, the game is fun anyway...or, was fun. I was lynched this morning. :(

Saturday night Drek and I went up to his parent's house to play games. We ended up playing Werewolf. We turned off all the light and just had candles lit on the table. It was a lot of fun.

Yesterday was a busy day. Church, Visiting Teaching, Visit Taught, Do Visiting Teaching Supervisor stuff...
I got a text as soon as I woke up: Ok This is lame but I am not allowed to call you. I am going in to labor and the baby will be here by tomorrow.

SQUEEEE!!! My Nephew!! After church, I had not heard anything, so I called and talked to NateBot. He gave me a quick update. This morning Krisface called and said he was born last night, via C-Section, and he was at a different hospital in the NICU. She is ok, and supposedly he is ok. I waiting for more updates.

Also yesterday, Drek and I watched a movie. When it was over we got online to check Werewolf, and all over QUARK, CNN, and KSL, was the news that President Hinckley had passed away. My phone was on silent during the movie, but when I checked it I had 4 text messages from different people informing me of the news, and 3 missed calls by different people informing me of the news. It has only been announced an hour before.
Drek, on the other hand, had no texts and no calls. Ah, the differences between his family and mine. He calls his family "practical" ("If each kid got a call like that it would take the whole night!") I call my family loving. :) Drek and I knelt down in our front room and said a prayer, just because it felt like the thing to do. It wasn't sad or any ting like that. I am sure he is very happy, and the church will be fine, but it felt like we needed to do something for the occasion. I guess that's the whole point of the gospel. When the Pope dies, it's a tragic event and a huge ordeal. Millions mourn, panic ensues and then the entire process of finding a new pope starts. In our church, the prophet dies and everyone is happy for him, God takes care of his church and in a few days a new prophet is announced, but until then the members know they are still taken care of, still being led.

Krisface, I think if your baby has an old man face, you should name him Gordon. Or maybe Tobordan.

3 days, 5 hours, 31 minutes to LOST!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

At last! A Trailer for the new J.J. Abrahms Star Trek Movie! Mostly I just want to see Sylar as a Vulcan.

LOST in 5 days!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The countdown returns

8 days, 2 hours, 18 minutes Until LOST Season premier. I think there will be a LOST party over at my parent's house.

Also, I want to have a Valentine's day party. The kind with married couples where you play cute little games. I am not sure, but maybe I will try and throw a party.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Power of Prayer

When I graduated from High School I decided it was time for a new set of scriptures. I went to the Distribution Center and got the off the clearance table. They were on clearance because the binding wasn't done right, so some of the pages aren't actually attached. I got them like that, rather than prefect, because... well, I suppose because when you are religious, you should be poor. I guess. Religion should b free. So The fact that I had less-than perfects scriptures made me feel more religious, or at least, less like a hypocrite. When I had my name engraved on them, I purposely only had them do my first name. They were very concerned about this and called me several times to make sure I did not want a last name on my scriptures. I did not. I was a teenager, and trying to figure out who I was, so I wanted the scriptures to have my first name and no family name, so they would be mine, and not...well, I don't know. It was a teenager thing. Anyway, I loved these scriptures from the beginning. They were unique. They had had class, character. They had gumption.
I took my old and my scriptures to all church functions, so I could transfer markings from my old scriptures into my new scriptures. I wrote notes, made highlights, had a very precise color coding and marking system, and even signed my name in the front every time I finished reading them. I loved these scriptures, they were with me through my toughest times.
Then Drek and I were married we started attending this Married Student Ward. In September, I accidentally left my precious scriptures in the Chapel. They were stolen.
I lost my wallet in the parking lot of an ice cream store and it gets returned to my door, fully intact. Money, credit cards, drivers licence, everything.
I lost my cell phone in a mall and some 14 year old kid calls my dad to inform him that he had his daughter's cell phone. No prank calls were made, nothing.
I leave my scriptures in the chapel of an LDS church, and they get stolen.
Every Sunday I went to the lost and found looking for them. I asked the librarian, the Relief Society President, the ward clerk and that stake president.
When Christmas came, there was talk of getting me a new set of scriptures. I protested. I did not want new scriptures, I wanted MY scriptures. After Christmas, my mother offered to give me a pair of highly rare, highly expensive, real leather bound scriptures. Again, I protested. I wanted MY scriptures, and no others would be the same. Drek started praying for my scriptures the beginning of January, when it became clear that no substitutions would do. So, I started praying for them too. We would pray that I would find them, that whoever took them would return them etc.
Today we arrived t church early so Drek could prepare the sacrament. I found us a seat, and immediately headed for the lost and found. In that hall, there was a table set up with dishes in it, waiting for the owners to claim them. On the table, front and center, were my scriptures.
4 months later, there were my scriptures. It is a miracle.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

What's Going On In My Life

Yesterday morning I stepped on an earing. It went one inch into my heal. It still hurts.

Yesterday Night I was supposed to go see Cloverfield with some friends. When we go to the theater, 45 minutes before the movie started, there were NO SEATS. let alone 4 seats together. After much debate I finally asked if I could trade the tickets for a later showtime, the answer was yes, but after traded in the current tickets, and before they could print off new tickets, the later show sold out. Half of me wanted to go to the dance, because I got two phone calls yesterday, saying THEY would love to dance with me, even though I am married. Both calls mae my heart happy. I think I will go to the next Quark dance no matter what. Half of me wanted to go home and sleep. Yesterday was quite the miserable day and that just topped it off. The friends we were with voted to go home and watch LOST (we have been introducing them to LOST with mini marathons. We have only had two) so both plans were vetoed.
However, LOST makes everything better. We watched a few episodes, and now the only episode left of the first season is Exodus (which is three episodes long). We will watch this on Sunday. Hooray!

We are looking for an apartement. I love the apartment we are in, and it is crazy cheap, but it is right next door to the family of the missionary I sent off two years ago. He gets home Feb 5, and I don't really want to live next to him, mostly for his sake. This is tragic, becasue I adore his family. I go over there often, to visit with his mom and little brother. His little brother started raising chickens and seeling their eggs, so I have been eating "cage free" eggs. When he comes home, not only will I lose the visiting, but my supply of eggs as well. The problem is, becasue of BYU, apartments are VERY expensive. The other problem is, Landlords know there a a million people trying to move into their apartment, so they don't have to take people with pets. We cannot find an apartment hat will take Acouchi. The search is not going well.

I love my job. In December and November, I was very good at my job. In fact, I was the best. This month, I am last. Only by $3,000, but still. I need to take it up a notch if I am to earn that raise I've had my eye on. In December, I decided to earn the money for my new Tempur-Pedic bed in spiffs only. This was a good December goal becasue all the massage chairs had spiffs on them for Christmas. As is turns out, I was the number one salesman for this massage company in the nation. Ever. I earned a lot of spiffs. Alas, i am still $100 short of my bed. Well, I have enough for the bed,but not enough for the shipping. Right now, there are only two thing with Spiffs on them. I am determined to sell them so I can get my bed.

In other news, LOST season starts in 12 days.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Yes Basketball, No Dances

I can't go to the Quark dance tonight. Drek says he wouldn't mind me dancing with other boys, but the problem is no boys will want to dance with me. :(

In an effort to "fit in" better in our ward, I volunteered to play relief society basketball. I supose this is an event unique to married student ward, as most wards would be worried about 80 year old women playing dirty. The games are on Wednesday nights. I went this week and had fun. I'm not very good, and most of the girls either play for BYU or played in High School. But all of them are nice. It's just a game to most of them, so there is no fear of getting stoned if you miss a pass.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Best Husband Ever

Yesterday Drek picked me up from work and took me out to eat at a very fancy restaurant. We had a wonderful time. When we went home, he opened the door and much to my surprise he had decorated the living room for me.

He even bought me 6 roses, one for every month we have been married (I know you can't see 6 in the picture, but they are there).
We had Sparkling Cider in fancy crystal glasses and ate yummy chocolate truffles. It was so much fun.

Monday, January 07, 2008


Today is my 6 month anniversary of getting married. I have to work today :( so we couldn't really do anything fun. Drek is supposed to take me out to a nice dinner after I get off work (in 45 minutes) I am very excited. I went shopping twice with my married friends to try and get some things for today, but both attempts were unsuccessful.
I was also hoping to have a new bed for us. Originally, my plan was to have it delivered today. Alas, complications arose and the earliest I could get it is February. And now, more complications have arisen so it might be even later than that.
This just makes me more determined to make our 1 year anniversary more special. We will either go camping in Yellowstone, or go to Ireland. It depends on where we are in then, as our whole lives SHOULD change once Drek is done with school.
Anyway, Happy anniversary Drek!! I love you so much. You are my most favorite husband.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Year In Review

2007 brought major changes.
Major change #1) Marriage.
I still don't think I'm quite used to be married. I LOVE being married. It is the best thing ever, but I still feel that I'm awkward in social situations because of it. I don't know how to talk to guys anymore. Am I flirting? Am I just being friendly? Are they flirting? I don't know. It's something I intend to work on and fix in 2008.
Major Change #2) Work
I love my job. Most of 2007 was spent at jobs I didn't like. I jumped from one job to another looking for a job i would want to stay at. I have finally found it. I have been working here since August, and despite some early opinions that my boss wasn't going to work out, it HAS worked out. I love my job, I love the people I work with, and I love my boss. Not only that, but unlike the bakery, I get payed well. I don't get free donuts, but the paychecks are bigger and I get very nice bonuses every month. My Christmas bonus this year was a nice check, instead of a pie. I really think (and want) a future here. It's a nice change.
Major Change #3)Friends
Friends have gotten married, moved away and things like that. I've made some new, quite wonderful friends, but still kept in touch with old friends. The biggest change is Krisface, who abandoned me this year. The great thing about the end of 2007was that Krisface was here in Utah again. We had many adventures before she had to leave again. The strange thing was that while she was here, it was like she had never left. I am no longer apprehensive about her being so far away, because I know that it will always be the same. Whenever she comes back (June!!!) it will still be as if she's never left. The new friends I have found are also amazing. Both of them are married with no children just like me. I got to spend New Year's Eve with them and their husbands. It's hilarious how much we have in common. We were talking about kitchen items our husbands have forbidden us from using (cheese graters, electric beaters) because husbands get so sick of hand washing them (we don't have dishwashers). It's also a harsh realization that most of my guy friends don't want to associate with me anymore, because I am married. I knew that before I got married it would be an issue, I just didn't realize how much of an issue.
Major change #4) Babies!!
April 2007 gave me a niece. She is the cutest baby in the entire world. She has also proved to be amazingly intelligent. My sister is teaching her sign language and at 9 months old, she already understands certain signs.
Krisface is pregnant with a little baby boy. I'm sure he will be absolutely darling. I cannot wait to see my nephew.
My Parents got a dog. His name is Jake and he is a very smart, and very big dog. He knows that every time I am over at my parent's house I will give him a treat, so he will wait by the backdoor every time I am there, so I won't forget.

In Summary, 2007 was a great year, and I think the changes that were made will make 2008 the best year yet.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008


I was in a car accident yesterday. Now I hurt all over. Basically I want to go home and sleep away the sorenes. Instead, i am stuck at work on what was supposed to be my day off. This is NOT how you're supposed to start the new year.