Monday, January 07, 2008


Today is my 6 month anniversary of getting married. I have to work today :( so we couldn't really do anything fun. Drek is supposed to take me out to a nice dinner after I get off work (in 45 minutes) I am very excited. I went shopping twice with my married friends to try and get some things for today, but both attempts were unsuccessful.
I was also hoping to have a new bed for us. Originally, my plan was to have it delivered today. Alas, complications arose and the earliest I could get it is February. And now, more complications have arisen so it might be even later than that.
This just makes me more determined to make our 1 year anniversary more special. We will either go camping in Yellowstone, or go to Ireland. It depends on where we are in then, as our whole lives SHOULD change once Drek is done with school.
Anyway, Happy anniversary Drek!! I love you so much. You are my most favorite husband.

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