Friday, January 04, 2008

Year In Review

2007 brought major changes.
Major change #1) Marriage.
I still don't think I'm quite used to be married. I LOVE being married. It is the best thing ever, but I still feel that I'm awkward in social situations because of it. I don't know how to talk to guys anymore. Am I flirting? Am I just being friendly? Are they flirting? I don't know. It's something I intend to work on and fix in 2008.
Major Change #2) Work
I love my job. Most of 2007 was spent at jobs I didn't like. I jumped from one job to another looking for a job i would want to stay at. I have finally found it. I have been working here since August, and despite some early opinions that my boss wasn't going to work out, it HAS worked out. I love my job, I love the people I work with, and I love my boss. Not only that, but unlike the bakery, I get payed well. I don't get free donuts, but the paychecks are bigger and I get very nice bonuses every month. My Christmas bonus this year was a nice check, instead of a pie. I really think (and want) a future here. It's a nice change.
Major Change #3)Friends
Friends have gotten married, moved away and things like that. I've made some new, quite wonderful friends, but still kept in touch with old friends. The biggest change is Krisface, who abandoned me this year. The great thing about the end of 2007was that Krisface was here in Utah again. We had many adventures before she had to leave again. The strange thing was that while she was here, it was like she had never left. I am no longer apprehensive about her being so far away, because I know that it will always be the same. Whenever she comes back (June!!!) it will still be as if she's never left. The new friends I have found are also amazing. Both of them are married with no children just like me. I got to spend New Year's Eve with them and their husbands. It's hilarious how much we have in common. We were talking about kitchen items our husbands have forbidden us from using (cheese graters, electric beaters) because husbands get so sick of hand washing them (we don't have dishwashers). It's also a harsh realization that most of my guy friends don't want to associate with me anymore, because I am married. I knew that before I got married it would be an issue, I just didn't realize how much of an issue.
Major change #4) Babies!!
April 2007 gave me a niece. She is the cutest baby in the entire world. She has also proved to be amazingly intelligent. My sister is teaching her sign language and at 9 months old, she already understands certain signs.
Krisface is pregnant with a little baby boy. I'm sure he will be absolutely darling. I cannot wait to see my nephew.
My Parents got a dog. His name is Jake and he is a very smart, and very big dog. He knows that every time I am over at my parent's house I will give him a treat, so he will wait by the backdoor every time I am there, so I won't forget.

In Summary, 2007 was a great year, and I think the changes that were made will make 2008 the best year yet.

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