Saturday, January 19, 2008

What's Going On In My Life

Yesterday morning I stepped on an earing. It went one inch into my heal. It still hurts.

Yesterday Night I was supposed to go see Cloverfield with some friends. When we go to the theater, 45 minutes before the movie started, there were NO SEATS. let alone 4 seats together. After much debate I finally asked if I could trade the tickets for a later showtime, the answer was yes, but after traded in the current tickets, and before they could print off new tickets, the later show sold out. Half of me wanted to go to the dance, because I got two phone calls yesterday, saying THEY would love to dance with me, even though I am married. Both calls mae my heart happy. I think I will go to the next Quark dance no matter what. Half of me wanted to go home and sleep. Yesterday was quite the miserable day and that just topped it off. The friends we were with voted to go home and watch LOST (we have been introducing them to LOST with mini marathons. We have only had two) so both plans were vetoed.
However, LOST makes everything better. We watched a few episodes, and now the only episode left of the first season is Exodus (which is three episodes long). We will watch this on Sunday. Hooray!

We are looking for an apartement. I love the apartment we are in, and it is crazy cheap, but it is right next door to the family of the missionary I sent off two years ago. He gets home Feb 5, and I don't really want to live next to him, mostly for his sake. This is tragic, becasue I adore his family. I go over there often, to visit with his mom and little brother. His little brother started raising chickens and seeling their eggs, so I have been eating "cage free" eggs. When he comes home, not only will I lose the visiting, but my supply of eggs as well. The problem is, becasue of BYU, apartments are VERY expensive. The other problem is, Landlords know there a a million people trying to move into their apartment, so they don't have to take people with pets. We cannot find an apartment hat will take Acouchi. The search is not going well.

I love my job. In December and November, I was very good at my job. In fact, I was the best. This month, I am last. Only by $3,000, but still. I need to take it up a notch if I am to earn that raise I've had my eye on. In December, I decided to earn the money for my new Tempur-Pedic bed in spiffs only. This was a good December goal becasue all the massage chairs had spiffs on them for Christmas. As is turns out, I was the number one salesman for this massage company in the nation. Ever. I earned a lot of spiffs. Alas, i am still $100 short of my bed. Well, I have enough for the bed,but not enough for the shipping. Right now, there are only two thing with Spiffs on them. I am determined to sell them so I can get my bed.

In other news, LOST season starts in 12 days.

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