Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I Guess We're Staying in the Apartment...

Yesterday morning I was hit with the idea of getting new carpet in our living room. The carpet in there now is a dark brown and is oh-my-gosh-ugly. As I pondered this idea, I remembered Kris and I painting the Krayola box and the landlord payed for the paint. I also remembered buying $200 in flowers, planting them in front of the Krayola Box (I miss summer, or, for that matter, I miss the sun) and taking $200 out of the price of rent. I actually paid the same thing I did every month, but I got flowers out of the deal that month. So what if I could do that with carpet?

Thus began my new project. I looked online to find all about buying carpet, good deals, carpet padding, installation and such. After much research I decided that Nylon carpet would work best in our high-traffic area, and that a plush would work best with looking new year after year (for future renters) and for the comfort of Acouchi. Drek and I then priced what we wanted and, armed with knowledge, marched over to our landlords.

We presented our plan. She seemed thrilled by the idea and the only conditions were that it be a neutral color and hid dirt well. Huzzah!! New carpet for me!!

LOST in 1 day, 7 hours, 5 minutes!!!!

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