Friday, November 21, 2008

Spoiler Alert, You Have Been Warned

Dear Catherine Hardwicke,
Your movie was gorgeous. The filming, the special effects, the people: Gorgeous.

Dear Melissa Rosenberg,
Did you miss somewhere that this movie was for young girls ages twelve to eighteen? Why all the adult content? There was no reason for it AT ALL.

Dear Kristen Stewart,
Congratulations; you did such a good job on the movie, and portrayed Bella Swan so well, that my loathing of Book-Bella became loathing of you. JUST TALK!! Stop biting your lip, stop stammering, stop breathing in-between words. STOP STALLING! I think you averaged one word every twenty minutes. Please move the story along instead of holding up the plot just like Book-Bella. So I suppose this was to more Bella, than to Kristen. Except for this next part, this is for Kristen: KEEP YOUR FREAKING PANTS ON. Whore.

Dear Robert Pattinson,
Stop. Moving. I get that it was a low budget film, and no one really focused on moving like a vampire, and that vampires do move to look more human, but please, please, stop fidgeting. Stop squirming, stop moving for two seconds, and for those two seconds you would be Edward. Still, you did a great job. You are now what I envision when I envision Edward, except more dressed how you were at the end of the movie rather than how you were dressed for the rest of the movie. Who did your wardrobe?
Anyway, That one scene where you drive off in the car, and you are so mad, and you want Bella to talk you out of turning around and ripping those guys into pieces; that was well done. I think it was my favorite part of the movie. You did great. I look forward to seeing in more movies.

Dear Taylor Lautner,
You have come such a long way from Sharkboy. Dressed up at Jacob, you made me, a die hard Team Edward, convert to Team Jacob, even it was only for a few seconds. On behalf of the females who will watch this movie, thank you.

Dear Jackson Rathbone
Wow. Book-Jasper is very vague, no one really remembers him from the first book. Everyone will remember you. You are now Jasper. Good job. Also, I love your hair.

Dear Peter Facinelli,
Fire whoever did your makeup. Seriously, I was so afraid for your life when you walked on camera. You were supposed to be a Vampire, not an anemic ghost who had just been splashed with bleach. But you made up for it, I loved movie-Carlisle just as much as I loved book-Carlisle

Dear Billy Burk,

Dear Soundtrack Person,
Why can't I find your name anywhere? Is is because you are Stephanie Meyer? In any case, you are a GENIUS. And I love you.

Dear Stephanie Meyer,
Your cameo was lame.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

You're Right. We Should Just Deal With Nice People.

I'm not supposed to be blogging until December, but I can't resist. The James Bond Party was SO AWESOME!!!! I had to take a million pictures.

What better thing to serve than Martinis? Don't they look so great?!

The idea was that everyone gets a certain amount of gambling things. We play three games: Roulette, Blackjack and Poker. The person with the most money at the end won a free movie ticket. If you had a certain amount of money left, you could buy a Milky Way.
I wanted to be Vesper for Halloween, but I didn't get the idea until too late. This was much better!! My costume was fantastic and look at my husband!! We got his costume at DI. $17.99 baby. Isn't he so great?! He is my favorite James Bond. I'll be Vesper next Halloween, maybe.

The Characters:
Rodger Moore, Odd Job, James Bond, Vesper Lynd, Christmas Jones

The Bonds play RouletteRodger Moore wins. He sips his Martini in casual celebration.

A fierce game of blackjack breaks out! Christmas Jones puts up a good fight, but in the end, she is no match for Odd Job (notice how the gambling chips during Black Jack were Black Jack gum sticks. Hah! I am so clever!)
Next up, Texas Hold'em!! The stakes were high, the bluffs; indecipherable
James Bond began to win, everyone else was bleeding chips!

But in the end, I won.

Rodger Moore makes a very important call, only to be silenced by Odd Job!!

Off to the movie!!
It was so great!!!!!!!! I was surprised how much of a sequel this movie was. It was not a typical James Bond Movie, more of a crazy good action movie. I loved it!!

Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Voting was a blast. The longest I had to wait was while they were finding my name. So, Ralph Nader is an independent, right? Hardcore. Next to his name, where the party is supposed to be listed, it said: Peace and Freedom. Is that the name of his party? Or did he just put that on the ballots so you would be voting for peace and freedom?

Drek and I had looked up the issues in our area so I already knew how to vote when I walked in. I got may card, passed about 7 people at the booths and took the very farthest booth for myself. I zipped through the voting (touch screens are oh-so-awesome) and on my way out I passed the same people. No wonder lines in the East were so backed up, if people don't read the issues until they get into the booths, how do the lines move at all?

I made sure I got my "I Voted" sticker because rumors on the interwebs said you could get lots of free stuff with it. Krispe Kreame was giving away free star-shaped donuts, Chick-fil-a was giving away free sandwiches, and Ben and Jerry's was giving away free ice cream. Sweet! Our dinner was set! Alas, There is no Ben and Jerry's where we live, the rumor about chick-fil-a was a lie (the manager seemed very upset) but we did get free donuts. Alas, they were circle donuts and the sprinkles were brown and orange. THOSE COMMUNISTS!!!!!!

And Obama won. It appears the Dems also won the senate and the house. Well, there's nothing like putting all the power into one hand.

Reading the results of the issue results, I am a little shocked. For voting so completely democrat for people, the propositions were surprisingly republican values. Odd. Also, what was South Dakota thinking?? We overwhelmingly support Obama values but we vote overwhelming for Mcain?? Did you even read the ballot?? Did anyone who voted for the president vote for the propositions? Or did they just leave that field blank? Seriously?
A lot of the country was voting on gay marriage, gay adoptions, Abortion issues and Doctor-assisted suicides. I find it humorous that Maryland's most important issue is a video lottery. Ah well, our most important issue was giving our elected officials a longer vacation. This is what we vote for when the zoo is on the line??

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Self-imposed rules of NaNoWriMo:

1) No laptop watching. Time watching Television shows online is time that could be spent writing
2) No knitting. If you can knit, you can type on a laptop
3) No Internet surfing
4) Procrasting won't help
5) Avoid all forms of procrastinating
6) Stop procrastinating by updating your blog
8) Stop pracrastinating by making up pointless rules
10) Write like crazy now, worry about editing later