Monday, December 05, 2016

I was doing great with my new no-sugar plan until Thursday, the 8th. After t he kids were in bed I went to a Girl Scout Meeting to be trained on cookie season 2017. Of course, they had Girl Scout Cookies there. One of every kind! I debated if I should eat them or not, if the benefits of no sugar could stand up to Girl Scout cookies, and made a compromise. I took one of each kind of cookie and left them in my napkin. After the meeting I took the cookies home, put them in a ziplock bag and stuck them in the freezer. Frozen Girl Scout cookies are AMAZING! I decided to save them for another day. No point in eating sugar in less-than optimal circumstances. 

The next day was my wonderful husband's birthday. Drek likes pies, not cakes, so I made his favorite pie, sugar, red dye and all. We enjoyed it that night with a glass of egg-nog. 

Saturday I was back to no-sugar and pleased that the effects of the sugar from the day before were mild. Saturday night we got a babysitter for our kids and Drek and I went out to eat. I'm sure the delicious food was  soaked in sugar to make it taste so good, but since I rarely eat out it was justifiable, although I am starting to look forward to January, when I know I will be less wishy-washy about my stance on sugar.