Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Kitties Part II

Bells' babies are finlly old enough to take to the Shelter. Campurnicus is adorable. He is a very smart and curious cat. The twins are not so aware of their surroundings, they just wrestle all day. Joining the passle was a stray baby kitty, who is a long-haired cat. She is named FlufflyPuff. She is very scared of humans, compared to the other kitties who love nothing more to be hugged and held and petted. Everyone should go to their local animal shelter and adopt a kitty.

I need to find a cut outfit for Acouchi to wear the day I get married. I was thinking of just putting white bows in her hair, but now I think having her in a flower girl dress would be adorable. Where would I find such a thing?

Also, 10 more days!! And as a small warning, there will be a Jack and Jill shower on Tuesday, July 3 from 7-9pm. FYI, a Jack and Jill shower is a party where both boys and girls can come and celebrate a wedding. It will be be very casual, and there will be free food. Everyone should come.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

11 Days

Saturday was AMAZING!! It was nothing like I expected, but so much better. Hopefully we're going back today. I'm so excited!

Sunday was hilarious. I teach Sunbeams (the 3-4 yr olds in Sunday School) and it was out turn to teach all the kids (ages 5-8) during Sharing Time. So, all my little kids were up in front of the microphone, telling all they knew about baptism. It was so cute!! Actually, it was more than that. They did a great job. Then we opened the font and all the kids got to see where they would be baptized. Then we played this really cute game my co-teacher came up with. It was a hit.

Later that Day Drek and I went up to his parents house, where we played Settlers of Zarahemla with his siblings. I was going to win (for sure, no matter what) on my turn. Drek happened to go right before me, and decided he was tired of the game, so he cheated and ended the game. Grrrr. Just so everyone knows, I was SO going to win.

Drek is officially moved in to our little apartment. I'm almost moved in. Hooray!!

People will start showing up for the wedding next Thursday. I'm so excited I can hardly stand it. I want to see my cousin!! Krisface will be down sometime that day too. Ah!! About to explode from excitement!!

Rumour has it laser tag sometime this week? So ready for that! Last Monday Drek and I took our dads (and families) laser tagging for Father's day. It was a blast. I actually did pretty well! I'm excited to play again.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

18 more days

Let's see...Invitaions, reservations, rings, hair and makup, apartment, marriage licence, photophrapher, cake, food, bridesmaid gifts and shirts, plans, tickets, all done! Things left to do: Wedding dress and a suit for the Groom. Don't those things usually get done first?

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Post one-hundred-one: Long Ramblings

For the last two days, the only songs I have been listening to are "Remember When It Rained" By Josh Groban and "umbrella" by Rihanna. Not that I have a thing for rain right now or anything, the songs are just SO GOOD!! I can't STOP listening to them. They're the kind of song that just sings to your soul. Oh. So good.

Ever since I hurt my foot I have not been exercising. I haven't been walking around, and I have been tired all the time. Yesterday I woke up exhausted (again) and decided I needed to exercise or I would die. That afternoon I did a bunch of yard work and mowed the lawn. It made me feel better and gave me a small boost of energy. I used that energy to hike the Y.

I up with friends just as the sun was beginning to set. The hike is only supposed to take 45 minutes, but took much longer because we found numbered, colored boxes all the way up with little riddles inside. It gave the answer to a previous riddle and then asked a new one. At first we thought it was a guy doing in for his girlfriend, and the last question would be "will you marry me?" but as it turns out, it was an activity for a singles ward. The point was to rescue some watermelon. Which I guess that failed at, because I am sure those watermelons ended up being brutally butchered.

It was great fun, although I really hurt my foot. I feel much better today though. Much better.

Friday, June 08, 2007


I hate crutches!! My palms are so bruised they hurt worse than my foot does! I've gone into Maceys twice already (and I want to keep going back) becase they let me drive around on the little electric cart. It is a blast to drive.

I can't carry anything, including my purse, because it throws my balance off and I will fall. Yeasterday was the Employee Create n Take. I have been looking forward to it for over a month. The company gave us the paper and supplies we needed, and then showed us how to make five different, darling cards. I put the bag with my cards on my purse, but somone else had to carry it out to the car. On the way they fell out of my purse and I didn't notice. My beautiful cards are all lost and gone. :(

The good news is that my foot is healing really fast. I should be off of crutches by Monday!

Monday, June 04, 2007

How to Entertain Yourself in a Hospital Emergency Room

1- Read boring magazines
2- Update blog using Drek's laptop and the hospital free wireless
3- Send Drek out to the car to grab "Pirates Dice" (thanks again Xirax!)
4- Explain to passing hospital workers that this IS the game from Pirates II, not Pirate Yahtzee. Pirates DO NOT play Yahtzee
5- Blow up plastic gloves
6- Bat the blown up plastic glove between two people.
7- Pay a full on version of Calvin Ball using the blown up plastic glove.
8- Draw a face on the Blown up plastic glove
9- On the other side of the blown up plastic glove, write "release me". attach the blown up plastic glove to a 16 inch Q-tip and wave it out into the hallway.
10- Form a line where the back person is on a rolly chair and the front person in a wheel chair and roll around the room (and the hallway).
11- Upon discovering that the wheelchair handles are removable, write an S.O.S. note and stuff it inside the wheelchair handle.
13- Switch rapidly between laughing hysterically and almost having a panic attack because you've been in this room for so freaking long!
14- Recruit the janitor (who happens to be an old friend) into talking the nurses into releasing you
15- Become more daring in wheeling aforementioned line out into hallway and waving the aforementioned "release me" blown up plastic glove.
16- Discuss ways to stage a break out
17- Announce loudly that you are going to stage a break out
18- Stage a break out.

After 4 hours, it was determined that my foot is not broken, but "you were assessed in a triage situation so please contact your primary care physician"


Saturday, June 02, 2007

Brodcasting live, from the hostpital...

Picture this:

It's a beautiful day outside, the sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and the Quark social is in full swing. Natrally, a game of Ultimate frisbee breaks out. I'm in the end zone. The frisbee is thrown to me. I start running. So does black-shirt-guy. we get to the frisbee at the same time, we both grab it, we both are NOT letting go. Suddenly, I am on the ground(frisbee still in hand, thank you very much) and my foot is KILLING me. No problem, I'll just walk it off. Well, the more I walk, the worse it gets. I sit down for a while but when I try to walk on it again it hurts even more. I finally make it home. My mother decideds to take me to the emergency room. My foot has been X-rayed and we are now waiting for the doctor to show up and deliver the news. Oh, the anticipation.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Alpine Goodness

Just call me Ezra James Sharkington

ok, so...Vacation pictures!

The famous Alpine Slide. It is basically a cement ditch running down a mountain. you ride down this dith on a plastic sled with wheels. what could be more fun?

I'll tell you what can be more fun...

The Alpine COASTER!!

It's a roller coaser down a mountain. it's remarkable smooth. oh the joy!!

It was mostly great. The moose thought so too.