Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Kitties Part II

Bells' babies are finlly old enough to take to the Shelter. Campurnicus is adorable. He is a very smart and curious cat. The twins are not so aware of their surroundings, they just wrestle all day. Joining the passle was a stray baby kitty, who is a long-haired cat. She is named FlufflyPuff. She is very scared of humans, compared to the other kitties who love nothing more to be hugged and held and petted. Everyone should go to their local animal shelter and adopt a kitty.

I need to find a cut outfit for Acouchi to wear the day I get married. I was thinking of just putting white bows in her hair, but now I think having her in a flower girl dress would be adorable. Where would I find such a thing?

Also, 10 more days!! And as a small warning, there will be a Jack and Jill shower on Tuesday, July 3 from 7-9pm. FYI, a Jack and Jill shower is a party where both boys and girls can come and celebrate a wedding. It will be be very casual, and there will be free food. Everyone should come.

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