Sunday, November 18, 2007

A Sighting of a Non-Pregnant Girl in My Church Buidling.

In October, my visiting teaching companion became unreachable. She didn't answer her phone and wouldn't return my calls. Her husband said she was sick. I went visiting teaching without her. In November, I set up appointments and called my companion. Again, she did not answer her phone. I cancelled the appointments, thinking it was only the first week of the month, we could get together later. The next day, my companion left a message on my phone explaining that she hadn't told anyone in the ward yet, but "we're pregnant." (Why "we"? Like your husband is really going through anything remotely similar to being pregnant. Please.) She was very sick, but has new medication so she should be better. The next Sunday I met her husband at church, who was quite surprised that I knew his wife was *he looks around nervously and then moves his hand over his belly to imitate a bump* (What is wrong with these people?) he told me that the medication was not working, and his wife would not be leaving the house for at least the next month.
I was very frustrated. I already dislike visiting teaching, partly because I have no idea what I'm doing, and I hate parading around pretending like I want to be friends with these girls, but also because I have neither the time, nor the energy to fight everybody to do something I don't like doing. I told Drek I gave up on visiting teaching.
In Relief society I randomly took a visiting teaching sheet, even though I already had one. To my surprise I discovered that I had two companions. I asked the president about it. She said it was temporary, but she was new and they had no where else to put her. I was delighted. Maybe she wasn't pregnant!! Alas, no one knew what she looked like or if she had come to church that day, but I did have her phone number. I called her after church and left a message. The next day she return my call (She actually returned my call. no one in this ward has ever returned my call!!). She said she would teach the lessons if I set up the appointments. I called the girls and left messages on Monday. I called them again on Saturday. They were not in church today. I decided that it might be better to just give them a handout. I went home after church and printed off a Thanksgiving appropriate conference talk.
My new companion called me to ask if I had made any appointments (She was actually following up!!). I told her my plan, and she said she would love to come along. (As in, she was willing to go, almost like she wanted go) I went to pick her up and she had made thanksgiving cookies to go along with the handout (She made COOKIES!!). We visited each apartment (none of the girls were available) and left the message, the cookies and note. Afterwards she said she would set up the appointments in December if I would teach the lesson. She also added that she wanted visit them the first or second week and asked if that was ok with me. I was so happy, I almost couldn't answer.
Oh, and she's not pregnant.

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