Tuesday, November 20, 2007

"Here, Faint into My Arms"

Yesterday I biked to work. This not unusual, I have done it many times before. I felt fine before I left, I felt fine while on the bike, yet as soon as I got inside the building I felt very nauseous and light headed. I headed for the bathroom. About halfway across the room I crumpled.
It was really weird. I went pale as a ghost and I couldn't stand up without wanting to throw up/faint again. I laid down on a bed and my co-worker talked to me until I felt better. Weird.

This morning Drek drove me to work. I began doing my work, but about 15 minutes into my day my nose started spurting blood. I don't get nose bleeds very often, but when I do get them it's usually because I've hit my nose or something, not for no apparent reason. Also, usually it just bleeds a little, not to the point where I lock myself in the bathroom for ten minutes trying to get it to stop. Weird.

I told Drek he needs to take out a life insurance policy on me. He says I'm being dramatic.

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