Saturday, November 17, 2007

Christmas Has Come Early!!

My dad decided to get a family package of Leopard. He gave me mine as a gift. MacLappy has been changed from a Panther to a Leopard. It is fantastic. The movie factor alone is so worth it.

My mom wanted to put Leopard on her computer, but wanted to wipe out the hard drive first. So she put my files on a external hard drive and gifted me the way-cool 320 GB external machinery of doom!! Oh, how I love it.

Also, I received a package from Arkansas. Most unexpectedly, tucked inside was a pair of Mgloves; Or, Glottins. Whatever. They are my new favorite thing. They go all the way up to my elbows, and have fingers cut off half way, and then a mitten you can pull over them. They are basically, the best thing ever, I wear them most everywhere now. They make a noise. They say "hpohmf" and I love them.

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