Friday, April 04, 2008

Still on an Adrenaline Kick

Today has been insane. From the time I woke up, I have been on a dead run.
This morning I opened the store, then had to run over to a doctor's appointment. Well, not really a doctor, a nurse. It's a long story. Anyway, Laser Hair Removal is a go!! My first appointment is Wednesday! EEEEEE!!!
Run back to work. Today at work, we are rearranging the store. All. Freaking. Day. Moving beds, boxing them up, moving them to the truck, taking new beds out of the truck, bringing it in, unwrapping, setting them up. Building chairs, pushing five-ton cabinets around, building shelves, rearranging shelves, re-building cabinets, re-rearranging shelves. . . All. Freaking. Day. This, apparently, was hazardous to my health. Remember last Friday when my finger was bleeding all over? Today I scraped my thumb knuckle on a piece of wood and the blood was already all over the back of my hand before I noticed. I run to the bathroom, wash it off, get a band-aid, and go back to work. An hour later, I am moving pillow boxes, and get a very deep cardboard-cut on the side of my finger. The blood starts immediately. I am getting too familiar with the first aid kit. There are too many band-aids on my fingers. Also, my boss can't stand the sight of blood, which made the whole thing more hilarious.
And what should UPS deliver on this frantic day? The healing pads that we have been waiting for for over a month. Eight came in. Five we already paid for, so I had to call those five people and tell them their pads were finally here. Two of them were mine (One of them is for a little girl I massage, her muscles are always so tight, I think think it will help a lot. The other one is my birthday present to me! I'm so happy). The other one was up for grabs. We had four people's name on a list to call as soon as the shipment came in, because they wanted one, but didn't wasn't to pay for it in advance. Thus, I called all four of them, and whoever got here first, got the pad. An hour later is was gone.
In addition, noon was the deadline for a writing contest I wanted to enter. Alas, I had not started the story until last night. So every free second (and there were so very few) was spent on my laptop furiously trying to type out a good story. I failed. But I did finish a story. I submitted it 23 minutes late. I hope it still counts.
After work Drek and I went to dinner with my family. We had a wonderful time, even if we were thirty minutes late. After that, we dropped of the healing pad to the little girl's house, and then came home for some much needed quiet time. This is when I discover that they announced the performers at the Stadium of Fire on the 4th of July: Miley Cyrus and the Blue Man Group. Oh. My. Gosh. I want to go so bad. Drek says we are already spending too much money this summer. I suggest we buy fifty tickets, and scalp all but two of them at just enough profit to pay for the two tickets. Drek says no. I suggest we don't get tickets, but when we go to Vegas this summer we have to get tickets to the Blue Man Group. Drek says we aren't going to Vegas this summer. I suggest we go to Vegas now, win a bunch of money at the Black Jack tables, and use that to pay for Blue Man Group tickets and tickets to Stadium of Fire. Drek says ok??? What the...???

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