Thursday, April 17, 2008

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie...

I hate TV. I've said it before, and I will say it again: If there is anything good on TV, a quarkie will have shown it to me on DVD. The only exception to this rule has been Pushing Daises, which I found on my own, but had I waited a few months, Kirsa would have recommended on her blog.
Because of this, when Drek and I moved in to our apartment, I didn't bring the small 13" TV I own. The downside to this is that I love movies. I have lots of DVDs and VHSs, but could only watch the DVDs, and only on my laptop. After a few months, Rissy decided to give us a TV. It was old, but it was big and needed a home. I didn't want it, Drek did. Why do we need it? I asked. We don't have a DVD or a VHS player, we don't even get any channels. Why have a TV? but somehow, it stayed.
For Christmas, my grandma gave us her old VHS player. We hooked this up to Rissy's TV, and had fun watching movies that way.
Well, for my birthday, I received many wonderful things. My mother got me this beautiful rose, Krisface sent me the DVD "Enchanted" (squee!) and Xirax and Sunstarr got me...

A CLEAR PLAY DVD PLAYER!!!!! (Clear Play edits movies for you as you watch them. So now will never hear swear words ever again, and I can even rent some rated R movies!!!! EEEEEEEEE!!!)
It was amazing. A DVD player + the gift of R movies + editing out what I want edited our of every movie. AMAZING!!
The problem? The TV is too old to have the correct hook-ups. Thus, we need a new TV. Right back at square one.
We picked up my old TV and it works, but it is so small! We are thinking of just buying some sort of adapter to make the Xirax's DVD player and grandma's VHS player work with Rissy's TV.

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