Sunday, April 27, 2008

In the Catagory Of Questions Not Answered...

McLappy got sick, so I took him to a Mac Hospital. He was in there for a few days, but he is better now. MUCH better.

I'm not going to Texas on Tuesday, plans have been...changed. Drek's other family reunion is in July and it is in San Antonio. There's no point in going down twice, so instead of the Alamo and the Schlitterbahn in May it will be family and...more family in July. Sigh. Also, the Yellowstone trip has been cancelled. Well, kind of. I guess we're trying to go later in the summer, but we're not going for our anniversary. We're not really sure what we're doing.

Before I found this out, my older sister took me to a big Shade clothing sale. All shirts were $5. I found some really cute ones and so did she. The best part was that there were bathing suits there too! I got two cute tops and one pair of bottoms (Tanktini style). So now I have cute and appropriate swimsuits!! I do have a season pass to Seven Peaks this summer, I will just wear them there.

Nateizzle came to my work the other day. He brought be a chocolate bar from Krisface and a picture of Toby. He is soooooooooooooo cute. Soooooooooo cute. Krisface says he cries all the time. That's they should move here. I guess now they ARE moving here, the only question is with which job, and when.

It's now the 27th of the month. None of the girls have reported back their visiting teaching. I hate them. I am thinking of asking the bishop to be released from my calling. The only reason I didn't ask him today was because I think Drek would be disappointed in me.

I sent out all the invitations for Sunstar's bridal shower. I made them myself. They are very cute. I would take a picture and post it, but it has all sorts of personal information that I can't figure a way around.

Drek and I went on an adventure to purchase a connector thing-y for our TV/DVD player. It was quiet an adventure. Luckily, we both survived, and celebrated by eating homemade carmel popcorn and watching Dead Man's Chest on Rissy's TV and Xirax's DVD player.
I would like to start our subscription to clear play the same time I start a Net Flix free 90 day trial. That way I can watch a lot of movies for minimal cost. Alas, there are complications, so this will take time. What vexes all men? The Sea? Sums? The Dichotomy of edited R rated movies vs not watching R rated movies?

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