Monday, April 21, 2008

Princess Tea Party

The food was purchased, the cookies made, the cake decorated, the limo confirmed, the guests invited...
The girls arrived at 5:00, all dressed up in dresses. They each picked a tiara to wear for the night. I had borrowed the tiaras from my mom, and to my surprise, she gave me the tiara she had worn as Football Sweetheart. That was the my tiara for the night. Isn't it beautiful??!!
The limo arrived at 5:30. Inside was AMAZING!!
We drove around until 6:00, when Nick called and said she was waiting out front (she thought he was taking her to a fancy dinner). We pulled up and jumped out, but she didn't notice us. We crept up to her car and all four of us stood by her window, but she still didn't notice. Finally I opened her door and then she realized what was going on.
We drove around in the limo (the driver got horribly lost, but he did get us to our destination eventually.

Tea Time!!

It was a huge success, everyone loved the little cups and the tiny (but delicious) food.

When we finally finished our teatime it was Birthday cake time. The birthday cake was my first attempt at Strawberry Shortcake. I think it tuned out alright. It was a little on the heavy side, but it was my first attempt.
Megan made a wish, but wouldn't tell us what it was.

Afterward, Nick came in and took tons of pictures of us in different poses. It was so much fun.

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