Friday, April 18, 2008

The Adventure of Shopping for Tea Sets

My friend, Megan (whom I really hope doesn't read this blog) is leaving this summer. She is going to Basic Training (she's in the air force) and is going to Egypt for several weeks to study Arabic (so jealous!!). Because of this, she will miss her 1 year anniversary and her birthday.
She has been the ring leader of our little clan of newlywed girls, and because of this I wanted our little clan to throw her a surprise birthday party. I started planning the party yesterday. The party is Sunday. Thus, things are a little rushed. The plan:

All girls will dress up in prom dresses and tiaras. Megan's husband will get her into a prom dress without telling her why. All the girls will come and surprise Megan by picking her up in a Limo. The limo will then drive around, giving us time to talk and enjoy ourselves. The Limo will then drop us off at a park, where we will have a tea party. Afterwards, we'll drive home.

The only complication is if it snow, which it is planning on doing (I HATE THIS STATE!!) and then we will go inside, rather than in a park.

Tonight, after work, I went shopping for tea sets. It was a very long day at work. I was tired, I was onrey, my feet hurt, but I was out of time. At store 1 I did find a dinner set with tea cups in them, but there were only 6 teacups (I needed 7) and one was broken. I had to take the box off the shelf to see this.
Store 2 sold teacups individually, but to get enough I would be spending over $50, which I was not desperate enough to do...yet.
Store 3 was Wal Mart. They had nothing close to teacups. In all the stores I browsed the toy isle, looking for toy tea sets, but hadn't found any until Wal Mart. They are perfect! Perfect miniature teacups and saucers!! And they are so cute!! Mission accomplished!! I decide to call Drek and gloat...oh, wait. Where is my phone?? You guessed it, back at store 1. It was a miracle it wasn't stolen.

I'll post pictures of the party after the event.

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