Friday, May 29, 2009

Sress Levels Reaching Critical

Acouchi might have cancer. Her X-rays are going to a radiologist. We'll know more on Monday.

If she does not have cancer, or if they think she does not have cancer, then Monday she goes in to the animal hospital for yet another blood test to check her thyroid levels. The results will tell them how much Radioactive Iodine to inject into her thyroid on Tuesday, when she goes in for RIT. She'll spend two weeks at the hospital, tested again, maybe put on medication, maybe not, and sent back home to us where I will not be able to touch her for twenty-eight days which doesn't really matter, since Acouchi will no doubt be spending those twenty-eight days ignoring me and hating my guts for putting her through such an ordeal. I can't blame her. I would hate me too.

At the end of the twenty-eight days she goes back in for more testing at which point they determined whether or not the procedure worked. If it did, great. If not, the either they try again (back to step one) or they decide this is not the recommended treatment for this particular case and we schedule Acouchi for surgery.

If she does have cancer, or they think she might have cancer, I have no idea what the game plan will be. None. I don't even want to know what the game plan would be. I just can't think about it.

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