Wednesday, April 29, 2009

And We All Remember What Happened To Patches

Acouchi, as you know if you have seen her lately, has gotten really really skinny. She was drinking water non-stop, but her energy levels were fine. I finally took her into the vet. It was a very traumatic experience for both Acouhi and me. Acouchi hates traveling in cars, hates new places and she had to have blood work done. Not fun.

One of the nurses was so mean to me. I told her Acouchi was declawed and she drilled me on where she had her surgery. I don't know! It was before I got her! The nurse demanded that if I was going to have such a painful procedure done on my cat, I should at least know who did it. Again, I don't even know how old Acouchi is. I got her when she was full grown, she had been spayed, declawed and had all of her shots. Which brought the nurse to question number two: When was Acouchi's last vaccinations? Um? Before I got her? Again, the nurse freaked out. She informed me that vaccines are supposed to be given every two to three years (I really did not know this, I thought it was a one time thing). She said that Acouchi had probably caught the feline AIDS virus and would die, and it my fault for not having her vaccinated.

It was a tough situation. I understand that the nurse loved animals, and she was only upset because she thought I was the worst pet-owner ever. Still, I thought she was the worst nurse-ever. Seriously. Who yells at a pregnant women with a dying cat?

The Veterinarian more than made up for it. She is so wonderful! Wonderful with Acouchi and wonderful with me.

The next day I had to take Acouchi back in for a blood pressure test. She was not about that. And then came the waiting. For two days I had to wait for the phone call. The phone call came, Acouchi had to do one more test and the diagnosis was officially made: Hyperthyroidism. It's a very severe case, and it's rare on a cat as young as Acouchi. It can be fatal, but not if it's treated. Acouchi has to take two pills, one in the morning and one at night, everyday for four weeks. At the end of four weeks she has to come in for more blood work, at which time surgery will be discussed. Since she is so young and the case is so severe, the Vet thinks surgery is our best option.

Acouchi has been great at taking her pills. We hide them in tuna and at first she was gulping them down and wondering why she was getting praised for eating a treat. Now she has caught on to the pills and has become an expert on finding the pill in the tuna and eating all the tuna while spitting out the pill. Drek picked up some hamburger meat, we'll see how long that treat lasts.

Acouchi is doing great and thinks treats morning and night are the best things that ever happened to her. Besides her trips to the vet you wouldn't know anything is wrong.

I'm sure her next step will look soemthing like this:
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