Sunday, April 26, 2009

Book of Mormon Stories That My Teacher Tells to Me.

Our calling in our new ward is to teach the six-year-olds. Ah, back in primary, where I don't ever have to go to Relief Society. Drek is less pleased about missing Elders Quorum, but oh well.

This week our lesson was on the Book of Mormon, it's history and things like that. I decided to make little gold plates. This is how I did it:

I cut out same-size cardboard pieces, using flaps from same-sized boxes.
I then spray painted them gold. "Antique Gold" actually.
We would be using both sides, so I made sure to spray paint all the sides. The next step was to find little rings and pray paint them:

Drek punched two holes in all the "plates". I printed off little pictures and then we took them to Primary! While Drek told the history of the Gold Plates and explained the pictures the children assembled the plates using glue sticks.
Cover:Second Page:
Third page:
The last plate (back and front) was colored on by the children. One girl drew a picture of the Gold Plates, another boy copied words straight out of the Book of Mormon.
And here they are:

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