Thursday, April 02, 2009

Alternate Wriggling your Fins and Your Tail.

I love clever April Fools Day jokes. I dare say 04/01 is the Internet's best day. Sadly, by the time I think of a good joke, it is already 4pm on April 1st, and I will have forgotten by the next year. Oh well.

Just as a side note, since BAMC isn't really up and running this year, I have switched to GoodReads. It's a site where you can rate and review books, get suggestions for new reads and recommend books to other people. My sister introduced me to it and I love it!!! You can add books to your "To Read" shelf and then print out that page. I take that page with me to the Library since my worst habit is to have hundreds of books I want to read, but as soon as I get to the library I can't think of one.

Today I went swimming with my sister and my niece. It was so nice to be in the water!! It was also really fun to hang out with my sister. My niece is talking up a storm. I am stunned at how well she can talk!!

Tonight I Drek and I are having some neighbors over for dinner. I am also taking dessert to a couple in our ward who just had a baby. Look at me; being all homemake-y

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