Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Unusual and Exceedingly Peculiar and All Together Quite Impossible to Describe

I bet you can't guess what my wonderful husband got me for my birthday from the title of this blog.

What? "That's impossible." You say? "Those tickets have been sold out for months." You say? "They were only on sale for twelve minutes before every last seat was sold." You say? I myself was frantically pushing redial on my phone and refresh on my computer trying to get those precious tickets to no avail. In fact, I had a horde of people (nine, to be exact) frantically pushing redial on phones and refresh on computers trying to get tickets. None of us got even a single ticket. We did this twice. Once for the pre-sale and once for the sale. The task was impossible.

Alas, nothing is too impossible for my most amazing super-husband. After screaming and doing a happy dance over and over again, I finally realized they were tickets for THIS WEEK. That's right, for my birthday, my amazing husband is taking me to go see Wicked. Because he is the best husband in the entire world.

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