Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Acouchi Went Potty in the Chair

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is it. Hold your breath, cross your fingers. This is the (second to) last stage in Acouchi's potty training. It is the hardest step. So far, she has been flawless. If she takes this next step, I think we're home free!!

In case you are wondering, I'm using this to teach me how to potty train a cat. Notice how I have stacked cinder blocks next to the toilet. That was the first step, it took a month. Then we moved the litter box into the toilet, and now we have taken the litter box away, and duct taped a bowl inside the toilet, holding her kitty litter. The next step is to take the litter away, then the bowl. So, hopefully that will be easy!!

If all goes well, Acouchi will be potty trained by June!! And everyone knows how important it is to potty train the first kid before the second one comes. :)

And here is my baby:
On a beanbag, resting on two pillows.

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