Friday, April 24, 2009

I Must Find Out Today. What Makes Jim Dear and Darling Act This Way?

Do you know how many posts I start out with the word "yesterday"? A lot.

Yesterday was mostly spent with Brittany. Brittany is our neighbor from two doors down. She's about my age and, like me, was also in a beauty pageant and was also a lifeguard for three seasons. She is married and has two little girls.

You know how sometimes you think that your life is hard and then you meet someone who's life is just so much harder and you secretly feel better about your own life? Yeah.

We went and played in the morning. Her daughter is oh-so-cute and Brittany and I had a wonderful time talking. That night I babysat the youngest daughter while her parents went to a seminar. They told me she was really easy to watch. They were not kidding. The kid was an angel. She was perfectly content to entertain herself. We read books, played with toys, and colored. Acouchi even helped look after her:

At first, she chased Acouchi around the kitchen island. Acouchi made sure to stay far enough ahead of her that she didn't touch her, but close enough to keep her motivated to keep crawling. In the end, she even let her pet her. It was so cute!!

But at the end of the day Acouchi still likes to be an only child:

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