Thursday, April 23, 2009

Such An Untimely Death

Yesterday I made a delicious dessert: Graham cracker crust, cream cheese and whip cram layer, followed by chocolate pudding layer, followed by whip cream layer, sprinkled with mint chips on top. All of this was done is a glass dish, covered, and set into the back of our car. We drove to Drek's parent's house and picked up two wooden benches (for our garden, I'm sure Drek will post about them) and Drek's original birth certificate. Hooray!! We then drove to my work, where I has an hour long meeting while Drek cleaned out the car. He even vacuumed!! We then drove down the hill just in time to see a guy on a motorcycle flip over the median. Drek slammed on the brakes, the benches slid, hit our dessert and dessert guts went flying all over us. I had it in my hair and my shirt, Drek had it all over his shoulder, and poor clean Jasmine got dessert guts and glass splattered all over the seats, the windshield, the dashboard, and of course, the whole back seat.

Anyway, we ran to help motorcycle guy. Someone was already on the phone with 911, someone was already talking to him, so I checked him quickly over for blood and a spinal injury (negative on both, although I'm sure he broke a bone) while Drek dragged his motorcycle to the side of the road, out of traffic. We waited until the cops showed up, by then ten people were milling around trying to help, so we left.

There is no news story today, so I assume everything ended up just fine. Pretty lucky for a guy not wearing a helmet. It seems the only casualty, was my glass dish and our dessert.

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