Monday, February 11, 2008

The Writer's Strike is Over!!

This morning I was awoke to the news that my long-anticipated bed was being delivered in an hour. Huzzah!! The bed came, we set it up, and on my lunch break Drek's wonderful siblings came over to break in the bed (Tempur-Pedic material has a cover over each cell that needs to be broken off before the bed is soft). We put the mattress on the living room floor so they could jump on it, wrestle, and do whatever they wanted. They came up with a pretty good game.
My bed is amazing!!

Over the last week there has been a four inch needle being stabbed into my left temple (I am hoping my new bed will cure this). On Sunday, the headache finally caught up with me and I decided to stay home from church. I spent a good part of the morning online at ABC, NBC, and CBS .com watching shows (My Name Is Earl, Notes From The Underbelly, and Eli Stone). This was a new experience for me. By the time I was twelve I had was too busy to watch T.V., and never sat down in front of one without an specific show in mind, and that show was starting in less than four minutes. So on Sunday I got online and was trying to find something good. I came to the conclusion that I reached over two years ago: There is nothing good on T.V., and if there is, someone in Quark will have watched it, bought the DVDs, and lent them to me. If that show, by some miracle, had not been canceled by that point (Arrested Development, Miracles, Firefly), I would watch episodes online (Heroes) or even make it a ritual to watch it every week, even with the commercials (LOST).
Alas, there is no new good shows (Although it was to have a GodSpell flash back when Victor Garber started singing and dancing). Having discovered this, I fell asleep. Later, I was awakened by a friend who also skipped church, felt bad, and decided to drag me to her brothers ward. we never found it, but we did sit through a random Sacrament meeting.
At work, there was nothing to do, so once again I was online, looking for a good show.
And then...Success! I became mildly interested in a show. (Pushing Daisies) The plot was interesting, the material was new and exciting, the banter witty and comical. And the colors!! So very vivid! I haven't finished a whole episode yet, but at least I found a show that is promising!

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