Thursday, February 21, 2008

Before and After

On Tuesday I worked all day. As soon as I got off work Drek and I came home, moved all furniture from the living room to the kitchen, hallway and bedroom, unscrewed outlet covers, taped up what we didn't want painted, cleaned the walls, painted the walls and ceilings, ripped up the carpet, swept away the dust that 20 years ago must have padding, spent three hours pulling up cursed staples from the floor and then fell asleep exhausted. Wednesday morning the carpet guy showed up, stayed much too long, finished installing the carpet and left. Drek and I painted again, perfecting and re-touching, screwed the outlet covers back in, and moved most of the furniture back into the living room. It was was about this time that a can of paint was dumped over...ONTO OUR BRAND NEW CARPET. I could have died. I was already so exhausted from all the work, and not having eaten anything since Sunday night did not help. Luckily, most of it came up after an hour of scrubbing. You can't even tell anymore.

Acouchi is ready to start

Our poor kitchen.

Drek painted this wall
I painted this wall

The old carpet did not do to well while we were painting.
painting mostely finished. time to rip up the carpet


Ready for the new carpet

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