Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Super Tuesday

Today was Super-fly for three reasons

1) I ordered my Tempur-Pedic bed
2) My Shutterfly Calender came in the mail! Huzzah! Now I can schedule things again!!
3) Quark Werewolf started!!

Today was not-so-Super-fly for 3 reasons

1) I didn't actually earn my bed, Drek just let me cheat. The last spiff I earned was supposed to be $100, but the check I got today was only for $50. This cannot be corrected.
2) The carpet guy that was supposed to come over today and measure our room, and give us a quote, never showed up.
3) Lunch with Drek's family turned out to be not so fun. This resulted in an argument between Drek and I, and it's not even Sunday.

After work Drek and I drove over to the polls so we (well, he. I didn't have ID, or any intention of voting, actually) could vote. The line went down a very long hallway, then curved back on itself and went continued on. The wait turned out to be around 2 hours long, so I left Drek there and went to a relief society activity. Soon, I started to get these text messages:

Lonely...I'm so lonely...

Day 3 it seems like I've been stranded here for months. The fluorescent lights are beating down...No water food. No sign of rescue, but I am building a fire.

Can feel myself going crazy. Am contemplating voting Huckabee. Another survivor slaps sense into me...signal fire unsuccessful. Eat leg.

Reached end of hallway! Line curves and goes back up other wall. Am standing next to fire alarm. Temptation is strong. Relize evacuation would reset line. Bad.

Discovery: Shouting "vote Huckabee!" at a Mormon polling station equivelent to "fire!" in crowded theater. Also bad

End of texts.

As it turns out, he did yell "Vote Huckabee!" in the hallway. Someone yelled back "Vote Romny!"

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