Sunday, February 24, 2008

Is Something Burning?

Last night Drek and I went up to his parents house to attend a surprise party for his cousin, Aaron. I was going to take the camera to take pictures, but I forgot. I forgot a lot of things, apparently.
When we came back to the house, three hours later, we opened the front door to discover our entire house filled with smoke. I had left the stove on.
Because it was freaking cold last night, we could not air out the house. When we went to Church this morning I noted with disdain that we smelled like smoke. The people that sat behind us noticed it too. Thus, we did not stay for the other two meetings.
Instead, I came home and took the opportunity to do some spring cleaning. We haven't been able to air out the house from painting or re-carpeting, and the sunshine today provides a good opportunity. Every window in the house is open, and the front door is open too. Fabreeze has been sprayed and re0sprayed over every surface.
My depression has peaked. It hasn't been this bad since before I was married. I'm really not sure what's wrong-except I know I have seasonal depression. Last night was very bad. This morning was not much better.
There is still snow on the ground, but it's melting. While cleaning I went outside to take out the trash and clean up outside the house. I went out without a coat. I went out without shoes. That made me feel a lot better. It also reminded me that I hate shoes.
It's raining now. It's not the winter rain that has been on and off over the last month, the kind that wants to be snow, but just didn't make it. This rain is different. This rain wants to be rain. This rain smells like spring rain. It reminds me of the condo. I hope this is a sign that spring is coming. I hope the rain cleans out the smoke smell.

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