Saturday, March 01, 2008

I'm Nordstrom Barbie

My boss keeps telling me that I need to look professional at work. When I ask for more details, he simply answers "the Nordstrom look". I have no idea what this is, and he will not offer any more information, so for the last 6 months I have tried a few different looks to get his approval. These have all failed. Finally, my wonderful manager talked him into getting uniforms for everyone. The uniform consists of three or four really cute shirts that we are supposed to wear. She also convinced him to give her money to take me shopping to give me the "Nordstrom look". Last night, after work, we headed to the mall. She got me shoes, socks, a pair of pants, jewelery, headbands, and even got me free samples of this new makeup that is supposed to be really good for your skin. I had a blast, and she loved dressing me up like barbie. The best part was, we were spending the store's money, not ours. Shopping is always so much better that way. She wants to get me more pants, so we will be off shopping again tonight. I'm so excited!

This morning Drek and I and a friend from Quark went out and played Frisbee golf at a Rotary park. The weather was wonderful. It was fun to throw a Frisbee around again. We're hoping the weather stays nice so we can organize an ultimate Frisbee game soon.

The smoke smell is still not gone. I am running out of options.

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