Monday, March 10, 2008

Fish funeral

Our front door is missing. Missing; As in: gone; Taken off the hinges. Drek informs me that he thinks the landlord took it to clean it. It might be returned before the weekend.

Saturday at work, we had a fish emergency. Our store has an enormous 125 gallon salt water tank. The boss has owned it for 26 years. He collects fish and anemones, and has the biggest Elegance in Utah. An anemone had died during the night, poisoning the tank. When we opened the store in the morning two fish were already dead, and the two blue tangs (aka Dorie fish) were on the bottom of the tank, lying on their sides, gasping ads hard as they could. The purple tank had white spots on it, and the fox face fish had turned brown. We frantically call the boss and the fish guy that cleans the tank. Finally, they both came over and began emergency procedures. I'm not really sure what they did, but there was a lot of running in and out of the store. They decided to put in a device that will prevent such things in the future, and began sawing the cabinet with an electric saw. This was very noisy, and some of the customers were very confused. In the end, there were eight casualties. Included in this was my favorite yellow tang, and co-workers favorite fish, a Mandarin Gobi. Also, one of the Dorie fish didn't make it. :(

Rest in peace, yellow tang. You are the only fish I have seen swim backwards. Your antics will be missed.

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