Thursday, March 27, 2008

Nothing Says "Easter" Like a Clean Car

My car is spectacularly clean. It even has a peach air freshener. This makes be so happy.

Easter was great! well, kind of. I got very sick and spent all of Friday dying. The good part of that was Ben’s package from Amazon arrived on that day. Inside was the DVD “The Great Race” and a game called “Lost Cities” which we played while we were sick. It’s a great two player game and has kept us both entertained.

Saturday I was much better, and suspected it was nothing more than food poisoning, but I was still banned from my family's Easter dinner just to be safe. Instead, Drek and I went shopping for Easter basket stuffs. We had great success. Later, we went up to his families house to decorate Easter eggs and watch “The Great Race”. While we were decorating the eggs, his dad read quotes from the First Presidency about Easter topics.
Some of our eggs turned out really well.

On Sunday I hid Drek's Easter basket and he hid mine. He found his in a few minutes, I had to search for hours. We went to church (Of course our ward had nothing to do with Easter topics) and then we went back up to Drek's parent's house for Easter Dinner. Before dinner we had a small Easter Egg hunt in the front room.

Everyone had to find a plastic egg. Inside each egg was a scripture about the Atonement and Resurrection. After dinner we watched "the Lamb of God" and talked.
I did nothing to celebrate Liberation Day, and nothing to celebrate the first day of spring.
Yesterday, however, Drek and I went to the temple to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of him proposing. That was nice.

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