Friday, March 21, 2008

So. Very. Sick.

Krisface, how dare you get me sick. You think we're still roommates or something?

Actually, I do not have strep throat. I am exhibiting flu-like symptoms. Drek is sick too, this led us to believe it is food poisoning, but it might be the flu. It could also be the bird flu. There is just no telling.
Being married and being sick is SO much better than being single and sick, but I still hate being sick. Drek has been wonderful though, he is very good at taking care of sick-me.
I left work today because I was throwing up. The good part of this is that Drek and I have spent all day together, which is why being married and sick is so great.

My Mommy also came to my rescue, bringing be juice, pills, watermelon, and everything else I might need, including the dissolve-in-your-mouth alka seltzer. This was amazing because they do not make them anymore, probably because the orange flavored ones were so delicious people ate them like candy. My mommy has squirrelled some away. and brought them over just for me.

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